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Top 15 Vin Diesel “Family” Memes: Part 2

Thank you for taking your time and reading the first part of this chapter, and if you have not, click here. So, as we mentioned in our previous article that the ‘family’ drama in “The Fast and the Furious ‘ movie series is getting too much, and it has altogether 9 parts till now. Man, that’s why they must be bald.

“How can we not talk about the family when family’s all that we got?” So today we are going to talk more about ‘family’ and that too specifically Dominic Toretto’s family.

Well then let’s talk about ‘family’ now. So let us see another 15 hilarious Vin Diesel ‘Family’ memes:

You think you know me bitch? Well the one that’s leaving you is your ‘family’. My ‘family’ will never do that, so you better sleep with one eye open.

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Yes, step sis, I’ll do anything for my ‘family’. Although you are not related to me by blood, but by heart, you are my ‘family’, and I’ll do anything for you. So shall I start? Should I wear protection? Or do you like it raw? Please be comfortable, okay now it is going to slip inside, and damn sis them pussy tight as fuck.

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Please Dom, you may have the greatest love for your ‘family’, but you are nothing in front of Darth Vader. After all, he is Luke’s father, which means Luke’s ‘family’.

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Even the 100 years war wasn’t this exhausting maybe. But yes soldier, please rest up man, because that ‘family’ shit is everywhere and it's sharp and silent, but deadly as an arrow. You are safe here, now sleep.


Always put the cereal first because according to my experience, you ain’t going to spill the milk. But Dom, you really put the family first? Then what do you put after that? Sugar, spice, and everything nice? Or do you just shave off their head?


“You fucking donkey!!! Get out of my kitchen!!!” I swear I am gonna take each one of your ‘family’, cut them into small pieces, grind them in the mixture, add the pepper and spices, and make the sauce out of your ‘family’ if you don’t give me the lamb sauce.

chife meme

“Well a woman is the backbone of the ‘family’, peridot Dom!” Now, let me go follow that chick or else I will feed your hand to the Alligator Loki.

no family

If my army comes, your ‘family’ is gonna run away like chickens when a cat starts attacking them. So take your ‘family’ bullshit somewhere else.”


Yes, Lightning McQueen, go faster and faster and then drive off the cliff. I promise you you won’t die because you are my ‘family’.


“Nobody messes with my ‘family’. I am here for you Dom, I just blasted that McQueen, now go win the race my ‘family’. I will always protect you from heaven.” - Brian O’Conner


Yeah like Newton died after that apple fell on his head, and he never discovered gravity. Meanwhile Newton is ringing the bell from his grave and warning how his discovery is getting useless just for the sake of some weird ass ‘family’ guy.


“Can I come too? Because yes dogs are ‘family’. Wait for me, let me get my baseball bat or will this chopstick work, Mr. Wick? Are these chopsticks sharp like your pencil?”

dog john wick

 “At this level, I am losing all my brain cells. I swear this son of a bitch is gonna get killed by my own hands due to his fucking ‘family’ issues. So, Superman, let's finish this bald bastard, what say?” “Say no more, Bruce!”


If Seth said it, then he said it. Please stop for the sake of God. But no, no, no, we got three more movies remaining and we got a series too. You think we are just gonna finish this legacy? 

no more

Which one do you think was the funniest ‘family’ meme? Do let us know.


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