Top 5 Shoes Every Men Should Own

Whenever you get ready, pretty sure the first thing you focus on is what outfit you are going to wear, what color of shirt or t-shirt you are going to put on, or should you wear denim or chinos… Yes, outfits are important, but even more so your shoes are important, because according to the research that is the first thing anyone notices about you.

Today we are going to tell you about those 5 shoes which you should own if you wanna look good and get some secret attention. But also remember that the shoes you are wearing are comfortable, and not that sharp which may cut your ankles or injure you. In this list, we are not going to talk about certain brands because you should wear whatever you can afford, and the big brands don’t define your style anyway.

So let us start the list:

Since the past few years, these white sneakers have been trending all over the fashion world. The best thing about these shoes is that it goes with anything that you’re wearing. Whether it is a formal outfit, or just a casual one for hangouts, or even for your drip, these white sneakers literally go with everything.

white shoes

Also the best thing about these shoes it that it’s unisex. So even your girlfriend can wear them like your hoodies.

If you are wondering what kind of socks you should wear for these sneakers, then don’t worry about it, we are going to tell you about it too. So, if you are wearing full pants, whether it be chinos or denims or even formal, try wearing ‘no see socks’ and show your ankles. It is better to not show ankles while wearing them.

But if you’re wearing shorts try wearing a bit of long socks that cover a few inches of your shins. That way, your drip is going to look extremely sexy.

Not only informal, but there will be a lot of time when you will have to wear formals too. It may be a business conference or even a wedding party; you can’t just show up wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt with ripped jeans in such events. You should dress up like a gentleman and you should go perfectly with them.

Formal Oxfords

Black Oxfords are the best if you wanna go with formal because black goes with any color of formal outfit. And if you want another pair of them, buy a brown one. So basically, black and brown are the best colors to choose for Oxfords.

Talking about socks, try wearing ‘no see socks’ in these too, but as it is formal, it looks better if you wear long socks. Try to keep the color of your socks black or white, and if you choose to be fancy, you can even wear the colorful socks like the one Justin Trudeau wore when he met Donald Trump.

If you are a fitness lover, go to gym, jog every morning, then training shoes are the best once for you. You can’t just run around the park or lift weights in the gym wearing white sneakers or formal oxfords, so training shoes are a must to have.

training shoes

Besides gym and exercising, they are also very good to wear casually. It definitely does not go with the formals, but you can wear it to school or some casual hangout with friends. But don’t wear them on dates; try to be formal as possible while you are on a date.

The best thing about training shoes is that they have a flat sole and are very comfortable and soft while wearing. They don’t usually hurt your ankles because they have some protection layer. Also talking about socks, you can wear any type of socks or even no socks at all. They are also very affordable and if you take care of them, they last long too.

If you are not a very trendy person, then you don’t have to worry because casuals never go out of style. They have been a classic hit for a very long time. Casual footwears include Vans and Converse, which has been fashionable since the day it debuted.

Casual Footwears

They also come in different designs unlike oxford which only have a similar kind of design. Vans come in different colors and styles, and you can also redesign them with some of your artistic skills. It will look very cool and aesthetic.

Converse has been trending forever and it is still not out of style. A lot of popular celebrities are seen wearing Converse with their regular outfits, as they are affordable and comfortable. But choose wisely, as some of them can cut your ankles.

These casual footwears look really aesthetic if you are dressing up like an e-boy or in the 80s style, and you can create a certain friend group theme that can rock them. So go for it boys.

Well to be honest, we personally don’t usually prefer to wear these kinds of shoes because they are mostly made for runway models only, and the only time you can wear them is if you are a celebrity and have an award function or Met Gala to attend

Trendy shoes

Trendy shoes are not very comfortable to wear, but if you want to look different, and flex your charm in public, definitely go for it. People will notice your shoes and they will definitely praise your sense of style.

Trendy shoes usually include branded shoes that have a weird design. These include long boots like the knights used to wear in the ancient period, or even spiky shoes that may literally deflate a football. But remember not to wear them everyday. They are just for super special occasions.

But remember boys, always go for comfort and style. Don’t go too overboard just to look fashionable when you can just be simple and still look super stylish. Take care of your feet as they work really hard for you. If possible, go for a pedicure once a month, and keep trying new things that will grab a lot of eyeballs.

The above mentioned shoes are just some of our personal recommendations and you may not agree with it. Also besides them, you must have a pair of slippers or sandals in case you don’t have to do much work and just stay at home.

What do you think about our recommendation? Stick with us for more fashion related ideas.


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