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Top 10 Korean Dramas To Watch

Not only K-pop, but the media and entertainment offerings from South Korea are very huge. K-pop is already a mainstream genre in the field of music, and even before K-pop, there were Korean dramas that took a huge market all across the world.

During the early 2000s, the market of Korean drama took such a huge rise that it started to become a global phenomenon and they were dubbed in various languages and were shown in various countries across the world. As of now, Korean dramas are a huge source of income for South Korea as they are sold in millions of dollars every year.

Today, we present to you our favorite top ten Korean dramas, which we hope you will enjoy too. For your information, this is our personal favorite choice and it has got nothing to do with ratings and reviews. Let us start the list.

10. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin):

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama

Director: Yoon Jong-ho, Jung Ji-hyun, Kim, Sung-jin

Production Company: Hwa & Dam Pictures 

Year: 2016

Number of Episodes: 16 + 3 Special Episodes

Starring: Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun, Lee Dong-wook, Yoo In-na, Yook Sung-jae

Kim Shin is a military general from the Goryeo Dynasty, who was framed as a traitor and is killed by the king. After many years of his death, he is cursed by the God that he will stay immortal forever to see the death of all his closed ones. He becomes a goblin, who helps other people despite his bad past. The only way to die is the Goblin’s bride, who aid in pulling out the sword will end his curse.

On the other hand, there is Ji Eun-tak, a high school girl who is cheerful and hopeful, although her life is a tragedy. She meets Goblin, and they slowly become friends and fall in love with each other. But Goblin’s nephew, Yoo Deok-hwa frees Grim Reaper, and he enters their life. While, a young girl Sunny, who runs a chicken shop also enters the plot. Goblin, Ji Eun-tak, Grim Reaper and Sunny’s stories are intertwined with each other, slowly unfolding the mysteries of their life.

9. Legend of the Blue Sea:

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

Director: Jin Hyuk 

Production Company: Culture Depot, Studio Dragon

Year: 2016

Number of Episodes: 20 + 1 Special Episode

Starring: Lee Min-Ho, Jun Ji-hyun, Lee Hee-joon, Shin Hye-sun, Shin Won-ho, Shin Eun-soo, Park Jin-young

Se-hwa, a mermaid, saves Dam-ryeong, the son of a nobleman during the Joseon Era. They both fall in love with each other, but as they belong to a different world, Se-hwa erases all the memories of her from Dam-ryeong. After a few years the villagers capture the mermaid, and she is exploited by the villagers. Dam-ryeong feels pity on her, and helps her to escape and go back to the sea. But in the unfortunate events, they both die.

After many years, Se-hwa and Dam-ryeong are reborn as Shim Cheong and Joon-jae, and they meet each other for the first time in Spain, without knowing they have met each other in their past life. Joon-jae is a con artist now, and Se-hwa goes to the land to be with him, without letting anyone know that she is a mermaid. The storylines of their two lives parallels and slowly they fall in love with each other, and tackles the enemies from their past life, who are also reborn now.

8. Autumn in My Heart:

Genre: Melodrama, Romance

Director: Yoon Seok-ho

Production Company: KBS

Year: 200

Number of Episodes: 16

Starring: Song Seung-heon, Song Hye-kyo, Won Bin, Han Chae-young


Eun-suh and Shin-ae are two girls, who get switched at birth and they live a completely different life. As they grow up, they attend the same school and are each other’s rivals as Shin-ae hates Eun-suh. Later, they discover the truth of their birth and they move back to their original birth house. The attention that Eun-suh used to get in the school is now taken by Shin-ae, who enjoys all of that. On the other hand, arrives Yoon Joon-suh, an artist who returns back to South Korea and meets his old friend Han Tae-seok.

Tae-seok falls in love with Eun-suh, and creates problems for her until she is fired from her job. But later, Eun-suh and Joon-suh fall in love with each other, although people assume that they have a brother-sister relationship. Shin-ae gets to know about them and exposes their relationship, and they are separated. The story further continues with both Joon-suh and Eun-suh struggling to get together, fighting all the odds.

7. Yellow Boots (Ice Adonis):

Genre: Revenge, Thriller, Mystery

Director: Choi Eun-kyung

Production Company: MBC C&I

Year: 2012

Number of Episodes: 108

Starring: Lee Yoo-ri, Hyun Woo-sung, Yoon A-jung, Jung Chan

Seol Yeon-hwa and Choi Yoo-ra are two step sisters. Yeon-hwa’s mom married Yoo-ra’s father, and since then they all live in the same house. On the other hand, there is Ha Yoon-jae, the eldest son of J Cosmetics and his younger step brother, Choi Kang-wook. All four of them get tied in a certain circumstance that almost destroys them.

Yoo-ra loves Yoon-jae, but he loves Yeon-hwa. As Yoo-ra already hates Yeon-hwa, she anyhow wants to kick her out of their life so that she can marry Yoon-jae. One day, Yoo-ra accidentally kills Yoon-jae’s sister, and all the blame comes to Yeon-hwa and she is arrested. After some years, Yeon-hwa escapes from the prison to take revenge from everyone who wronged her starting from Yoo-ra. Kang-wook also finds out the truth and helps Yoo-ra to get her revenge.

6. The Heirs:

Genre: Romance, Teen Drama

Director: Kang Shin-hyo, Boo Sung-chul

Production Company: Hwa & Dam Pictures

Year: 2013

Number of Episodes: 20

Starring: Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-hye, Kim Woo-bin, Kim Ji-won

Kim Tan was born in a rich family, but at a very young age his brother exiled him from the family property and was sent to the USA. Cha Eun-sang is from a poor family, and her mother works at Kim Tan’s house as his mother’s loyal servant.

Eun-sang travels to the USA to meet his sister, but she abandons her, after which Tan helps her and keeps her with him. After they return back to South Korea, Eun-Sang joins Tan’s high school where only rich people study. She is encountered by Young-Do, a handsome and young student, who also happens to be a rival of Kim Tan. Tan and Young-Do, both fall in love with Eun-sang, but her life becomes complicated when Tan’s family prevents their romance.

5. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo:

Genre: History, Romance, Fantasy

Director: Kim Kyu-tae

Production Company: BaramiBunda Inc., GT Entertainment, NBCUniversal International Television, YG Entertainment

Year: 2016

Number of Episodes: 20 + 2 Special Episodes

Starring: Lee Jong-gi, Lee Ji-eun, Kang Ha-neul


Go Ha-jin, a frustrated young woman falls in the lake and she is transported back to the Goryeo Dynasty during a solar eclipse. She wakes up in the year 941 in the body of Hae Soo, among many princes of the Wang family.

The Wang family consists of many princes, and among them the 8th prince, Wang Wook is the most kind hearted one, while the 4th prince, Wang So, is the most fearsome one. At first, she is rescued by Wang So, and is brought to the royal palace, where she falls in love with Wang Wook. As the story progresses, Hae Soo is caught between the politics and the fight among the brothers for the throne.

4. I’m Sorry, I Love You:

Genre: Melodrama, Romance

Director: Lee Hyung-min

Production Company: GROUP EIGHT

Year: 2004

Number of Episodes: 16

Starring: So Ji-sub, Im Soo-jung, Jung Kyung-ho, Lee Hye-young

When Moo-hyuk was born, he and his sister, Yoon Seo-kyung, were abandoned in an orphanage. Later, Moo-hyuk was adopted by a family in Australia, but they abandoned him too, after which he is forced to live on the street and grow up as a gangster. While Song Eun-chae is a friend and assistant of k-pop singer Choi Yoon, and loves him secretly, but is not able to express.

Moo-hyuk gets shot in his head during a shooting in his ex-girlfriend’s wedding, and he survives but the doctors say that he will soon die. So, Moo-hyuk decides to go to South Korea to meet his family and spend his last days there. He also encounters Eun-chae in Australia as he saves her from the goons. In South Korea, while searching for his family, Moo-hyuk and Eun-chae get closer, just to find out that Choi Yoon is his brother and Oh Duel-heel, Choi Yoon’s superstar mother, is his mother too.

3. Crash Landing On You:

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director: Lee Hyung-hyo

Production Company: Studio Dragon, Culture Depot

Year: 2019

Number of Episodes: 16

Starring: Son Ye-jin, Hyun Bin, Seo Ji-hye, Kim Jung-hyun

Yoon Se-ri is a wealthy businesswoman who runs a fashion brand called Seri’s Choice, after she leaves her birth house due to the differences between her stepmother and brothers. One day, while she was paragliding to promote her new sportswear, she gets caught in a tornado and lands in North Korea.

In North Korea, she encounters Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok, and she is captured as an intruder. However, she escapes and Captain Ri finds her again and she is hidden in his house. Slowly, they fall in love and Captain Ri anyhow tries to send Se-Ri back to South Korea. Upon realizing that Se-ri is alive, her brother and sister-in-law try to prevent her from coming back

2. My Love From The Star

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

Director: Jang Tae-yoo

Production Company: HB Entertainment

Year: 2013

Number of Episodes: 21 + 1 Special Episode

Starring: Kim Soo-hyun, Jun Ji-hyun, Park Hae-jin, Yoo In-na, Shin Sung-rok

Do Min-joon is an alien from another planet, who lands on Earth and saves a girl named Seo Yi-hwa. But in the unfortunate turn of events, Yi-hwa dies, and Min-joon gets stuck on Earth. As he is an alien, he does not age as time runs differently on his planet.

After nearly 400 years, he meets an actress Cheon Song-Yi, who also happens to be his neighbor. Although he is cold towards her at the beginning, they slowly fall in love with each other after a tragic incident, where one of Song-Yi’s friends loses her life. Min-joon vows to protect Song-Yi at all cost, as she has very big evidence regarding that event, and the killer is searching for her

1. Descendants of the Sun:

Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Action

Director: Lee Eung-bok, Baek Sang-joon

Production Company: KBS, Next Entertainment World, Barunson Inc.

Year: 2016

Number of Episodes: 16 + 3 Special Episodes

Starring: Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-won


Si-jin is the captain and leader of the South Korean Special Forces Unit, while Mo-yeon is a doctor at the Haesung Hospital. A bunch of medical teams from the hospital and the armies from the Special Force Unit, are sent to a fictional war stricken country called Uruk.

Although Si-jin and Mo-yeon already started to get closer before the mission, they get closer in Uruk, and help people from the earthquake and a pandemic. Along with Si-jin and Mo-yeon, runs the love story of Dae-young and Myung-ju, who are both part of the Special Force Unit.

These are our favorite Korean dramas, which we hope you will enjoy too. Do let us know which is your favorite Korean drama.


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