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7 tips to make your sex life better

One of the thing that people cannot resist to is sex. Sex is one of the most basic need in the human life, and also an important thing to help in reproduction. Often, we find sex very fascinating and pleasurable, but we are not very concern about all the effects it has on our mind and body. Today, we are going to discuss something related to sex. So let’s start.

Where do you prefer to have sex? In some exotic location? A beach? Forest? Backseat of your car? But we know that the most desirable and comfortable place is the bed, as you can show more of your actions there. However, not every man can last as long as they think they can. Some tend to ejaculate in just few minutes, making the sex less pleasurable and just a quicky.

So, here in this article, we are going to tell you seven tips on how to last long in bed and what you can do. Do boys, take notes. Let us start.

Maintain your erection:

When your penis is not erect, it is definitely a turn off for your partner, as well as you. There is a certain type of exercise that will help you to maintain your erection for a long time. Stand in front of the mirror and try lifting up your penis without using your hands. Once you learn how to strengthen your muscles, it will also help in proper ejaculation, and you can last longer in bed.


foreplay sex

You definitely don’t want to have a quickie right? You want long and very pleasurable sex, which you won’t be able to have if you directly go to the spot and finish it off. Try taking things slowly at first by some basic foreplay. Play with your willy, or grab her breasts, hold her close, play with her hair, let her play with you. Kiss longer, not only on the lips but cheeks, ears, eyes, forehead. It will start to build the hormones, and when you feel completely horny, take things further.

Take things slow:

Don’t go in and out so fast like you are digging a grave. Doing it fast will not only finish it quickly, but also can cause pain. We know, you like to make her moan, but doing so will finish the sex really quick, and it will leave her in the midway. Try frotting your penis with her vagina, and then slowly take it inside, discover the G-spot, and thrust there a little. Do it slowly, and it will give you some passionate pleasure.

Try new positions:

sex position

There are over 100 positions and if you don’t know that, just search it up on the internet. Try a position where you and your partner are both comfortable, and something that is more pleasurable. Switching the positions will help both of you to discover which one is the best and which one can help you last longer. So, go on boys, try it.

Stop at the climax:

Just as you are about to cum, stop all the activity and don’t even masturbate. Let things cool down a bit. This technique is called edging. Edging will help your brain and body to control your orgasm, and this is directly proportional to lasting longer. You will get the pleasure one more time and you can continue as much as you both wish to.

Use a right condom:

You probably like it raw, right? But wearing a condom will not only decrease the chance of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), but also it will make the sex last longer. Condoms will decrease the sensitivity and also it will help to control premature ejaculations. If you use a thick condom, then the chances are that the sex will last longer. So choose your condoms precisely.


While having sex, don’t just think about sex. Think about different things too, like a funny scene from a movie or series, or something that happened on your first date, or even you can think about your day. This will also help in the communication between both of you, and the things will be more mutual. If you distract yourself, and still thrusting on her while thinking of something else, it will increase your ejaculation time as all your attention is not only on her vagina. So, it’s okay to think about something else during sex.

These are the seven tips on how you can last longer in bed. Do let us know what you think and if you have any other tips, do share it with us.


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