The massive clash between Israel and Palestine

We all are familiar with what is happening in Palestine right now. People are dying everyday including children and women, open attacks are taking place in the mosque, air strikes are happening. In short, there is severe violence happening.

So how did this even start?

Israel and Palestine had issues since the time Israel was formed, or even before that. Palestine was a place where Christians, Jews, Muslims lived peacefully, also the Palestinian Christian community is the oldest Christian community in the world.

However around the 1920s after the holocaust, Jews from Europe started to migrate there, as the British Empire was still ruling the land. After the British left in 1948, the Jewish leaders started declaring that land as theirs, which was highly objected to by the people already living in Palestine.

This created a rift between the two communities, but most of the major power was held by Israel as they had support from strong countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, France, etc.

Because of this, thousands of Palestinians were forced out of their land, which they call it ‘The Catastrophe’, and most of the parts were controlled by Israel. And in 1967, another war broke out between them, and finally Israel took control of Palestine, and their troops were settled there.

In 2005, an organization called Hamas took control of Palestine after winning the election, and finally, the Israeli troops left. But however, Israel still controlled most of the border areas. So Hamas refused to recognize Israel as a country, and want the Palestinian people to settle back in their native land.

What is happening in Palestine right now?

The tension between Palestine and Israel triggered once again and the month of May 2021, saw one of the worst scenarios ever. The war has been cited as a religious war by Israel, but the supporters of Palestine claim that the war has nothing to do with religion, and it is about Israel oppressing Palestine like they were doing for decades.

The clash started when Muslims packed the Al-Aqsa mosque while praying during the holy month of Ramadan. Palestinians used stones and fireworks against Israeli police, who in turn attacked with rubber bullets. More than 220 people were injured during this clash.

Again the next day, an attack took place in Jerusalem where nearly 121 Palestinians and 17 police officers were wounded.

On 11th of May, Israel carried out an airstrike on Gaza, killing nine children. Israel carried out that strike after Hamas crossed a red line by firing on Jerusalem.

However many people have come in support of Palestine due to continuous discrimination and oppression of them by the Israeli government. Also, Palestinians are being evicted from Sheikh Jarrah’s neighborhood as the Israeli government has permitted the Israeli to move in that area.

But the Israeli settlers want to take over the whole Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and hence more than 500 Palestinians are considered to be evicted, leaving them homeless.


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