Taylor Swift joins TikTok

Taylor Swift joins TikTok: Gains over a million followers in just 9 hours

Swifties are having the time of their life, as the singing superstar Taylor Swift, recently debuted on TikTok, and immediately went viral over the platform. Let us see what Taylor offered us on TikTok.

Taylor Swift joined TikTok to promote the vinyl edition of her upcoming re-recorded studio album “Red (Taylor’s Version)”. Just as she debuted on the platform, she gained over 1 million followers in less than a day, and also got a verified blue tick

joins TikTok

On TikTok, she posted the first video of her doing a transition of her looks from her various albums like Folklore, Evermore, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s Version). Under the video, she captions it writing “Lots going on at the moment: Red (my version) vinyl is up for presale and oh I’m on tiktok now let the game begin”. She even used the popular #SwiftTok hashtag, which is very much used by her fans.


Lots going on at the moment: Red (my version) vinyl is up for presale on my site and oh I’m on tiktok now let the games begin 😺 ##SwiftTok

♬ original sound - Taylor Swift

For the sound, she used British rapper Dave’s song “Screwface Capital” which also has Taylor’s name in it. The line says:

“I made a link with the Russians

Six figure discussions, dinners in public

My linen all tailored

My outstanding payments swift like Taylor

And boy I owe ‘dem men a beating…”

In her bio, she writes, “This is pretty much just a cat account”

She is seen wearing a white off the shoulder dress for her 2020 album Folklore, which also won the Grammy for Album of the Year. For her Red (Taylor’s Version), she is seen wearing a sleek back turtleneck and a bold red lipstick, while for Fearless (Taylor’s Version), she is seen wearing a sunny yellow floral dress from Reformation, the “Joyce” dress.

After the video was released on TikTok, the Fearless dress, which costs $218, quickly sold out in all sizes.

In the second video, Taylor posted an interview back from 2014 where she was talking about cats. During that interview she says, “three cats is a cat lady, two cats is a party”, and the video transitions to 2021 where Taylor is seen holding her two cats.

As we know, Swift loves cats and owns three of them: Meredith Grey, Benjamin Button and Olivia Benson

The 31 year old singer/songwriter started re-recording her first six albums after the music executive Scooter Braun sold the rights to them to the private equity company Shamrock Holdings in 2020, for more than $300 million. Taylor has openly called out Scooter for this, and she was supported by fellow singers like Camila Cabello, Halsey, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Ed Sheeran, etc.

Back in February, Swift said why she wanted to re-record her old albums. She said, “I’ve spoken a lot about why I’m remaking my first six albums, but the way I’ve chosen to do this will hopefully help illuminate where I’m coming from.” Swift continued, “Artists should own their own work for so many reasons, but the most screamingly obvious one is that the artist is the only one who really knows that body of work.”

Red (Taylor’s Version) is going to be released on November 19, 2021 and will feature 30 songs. Also, this album is going to feature artists like Chris Stapleton, Phoebe Bridgers, Mark Foster and Ed Sheeran. She announced on Instagram, writing:

“I can’t express my gratitude enough to these artists for helping me bring these songs to life. I can’t wait til we can dust off our highest hopes and relive these memories together. We’ll also be making a bunch of new ones too, since Red (Taylor’s Version) includes so many songs you haven’t heard yet. Til then, I’ll be counting down and picturing it all in my head. In burning red.”

Even the original account of TikTok has commented under Taylor’s video writing:

“Guess the app is called #SwiftTok now”

To which Taylor replied, writing:

“Imagine me blushing and screaming at the same time?”

Taylor Swift joins TikTok


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