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Taylor Swift announces her re-recorded version of Red |2021

After sweeping the music industry and multiple award shows last year, this 31 year-old singer has been inspiring many new artists with her fierce and bold steps to change the misogynist and patriarchal music industry. Let us get into it.

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Taylor Swift is one of the biggest names in the music industry right now, and she has been reliable since the day she debuted. It was definitely not an easy path for her as she had to face multiple hardships during her career.

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Swift’s feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is still a topic of debate today, and remember when Kanye interrupted her when she won an award saying, “Beyonce has the best music video of all time.” Her differences with the music producer Scooter Braun have also been highlighted as he was accused of stealing her works.

Despite all the hardships, Taylor didn’t give up and emerged as a phoenix and came back stronger than the 90s trend. Today, she is an inspiration to new artists such as Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray.

Last year, Swift released two surprise albums, Folklore and Evermore, which received critical acclaim. Folklore also won Album of the Year award in the Grammys 2021, making her the only artist in the world to win three Album of the Year awards.

Swift has also been re-releasing her past songs to raise awareness for any future artists regarding the contract they are signing. This will help them to own their artistry, instead of singing and writing what the record label tells them to. We can see how the singers change their music after getting involved in a certain music label. For example: Liam Payne from One Direction, or even Kanye West.

In April 2021, Swift re-recorded her critically acclaimed 2008 album, Fearless. She has named it as “Fearless: Taylor’s Version”. All the songs are re-recorded and she also has included a bonus track for the album. Fearless: Taylor’s Version also features artists like Marren Morris, Keith Urban and Colbie Caillat.

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After re-recording Fearless, many fans or Swifties assumed that she is going to re-release her 2014 album, 1989. As we know, Swifties are very clever regarding cracking the codes and have done that multiple times. However, they have been proved wrong this time, and now Taylor is re-recording her 2012 hit album, Red. The original version also featured Ed Sheeran and Gary Lightboy.

Now in 2021, Swift is all set to put out her version of Red. On 18th June, Taylor announced this on her Instagram, and also shared the new cover of the album. She is seen wearing a cream-down jacket, a red French hat, and a ring that reads “Red”, which is similar to the one she gifted Olivia Rodrigo. The picture is clicked by the photographer Beth Garrabrant.

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She captions the picture writing, “I’ve always said that the world is a different place for the heartbroken. It moves on a different axis, at a different speed. Time skips backward and forwards fleetingly. The heartbroken might go through thousands of micro-emotions a day trying to figure out how to get through it without picking up the phone to hear that old familiar voice.

‘In the land of heartbreak, moments of strength, independence, and devil-may-care rebellion are intricately woven together with grief, paralyzing vulnerability, and hopelessness. Imagining your future might always take you on a detour back to the past. And this is all to say, that the next album I’ll be releasing is my version of Red.

Musically and lyrically, Red resembled a heartbroken person. It was all over the place, a fractured mosaic of feelings that somehow all fit together in the end. Happy, free, confused, lonely, devastated, euphoric, wild, and tortured by memories past.

Like trying on pieces of a new life, I went into the studio and experimented with different sounds and collaborators. And I’m not sure if it was pouring my thoughts into this album, hearing thousands of your voices sing the lyrics back to me in passionate solidarity, or if it was simply time, but something was healed along the way.

Sometimes you need to talk it over (over and over and over) for it to ever really be… over. Like your friend who calls you in the middle of the night going on and on about their ex I just couldn’t stop writing. This will be the first time you hear all 30 songs that were meant to go on Red. And hey, one of them is even ten minutes long.

When Will Taylor Swift re-recorded version of Red will be Released ?

Red (Taylor’s Version) will be out November 19.” 

Also, there is a rumor that Olivia Rodrigo may be featured in the album, but as of now, we cannot say anything about the artists who are going to be featured. We all are really excited to hear this new album, and a 10-minute song would be epic.

We just hope November 19 arrives really soon, and we will get to listen to the masterpiece by “The Taylor Swift”.

Which is your favorite song from the original version of Red? Are you excited to listen to Taylor’s version? Do let us know.


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