Sergio Ramos Leaves Real Madrid after 16 years

The Great Sergio Ramos Leaves Real Madrid after 16 years

After Cristiano Ronaldo left the football club Real Madrid back in 2018, a lot of Madiristas were unhappy with that decision. Now, it is time for another great player of this generation, Sergio Ramos. Let us get into it.

Sergio Ramos, 35, confirmed that he is leaving Los Blancos after 16 years playing for it, as his contract is going to end at the end of this month. Considered as the best defender of the present generation, we are not sure where he is heading next. Ramos previously played for Sevilla, but Real Madrid purchased him for 27 Million Euros.

Sergio Ramos leaving Real Madrid

It is said that Ramos wanted a new deal of two years, but the current president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, only had a policy of one year contract for players over 30. Neither of the two parties were ready to compromise, and as a result, Ramos will be leaving the club. He also confirmed that he didn’t demand a pay rise. The club conducted a farewell program for him on Thursday.

The Spanish captain has appeared 671 times for Madrid, and has scored 101 goals for the club. During his 16 years in the club, he has won five La Liga titles, four Champions League, four Club World Cups, three European Super Cups, two Copa del Reys, and four Spanish Super Cups. After a successful career, Ramos is all set to leave Santiago Bernabeu.

Real Madrid released an official statement on Wednesday that says, “Real Madrid C.F. announces that tomorrow, Thursday 17 June, at 12:30 p.m., an institutional act of tribute and farewell to our captain Sergio Ramos will be held, which will be attended by our president Florentino Perez.

Sergio Ramos will then appear before the media in a virtual conference.”

President Perez says, “Thank you for everything you’ve given to this club and for having defended our crest and shirt and put your heart and soul into every game and always fought until the end.”

Ramos gave a farewell speech saying, “The moment has arrived. One of the most difficult in my life. You can never be prepared to say goodbye to Real Madrid, but the moment has come to leave Real Madrid.”

He tearfully continues, “I arrived here with my father and brother when I was 19. Now I have a beautiful family. From the bottom of my heart, thanks a lot to everyone and this is more than an ‘until for ever’ or ‘until later’ because sooner or later I will return.”

Assumptions say that Manchester City wants Ramos in their club, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Other clubs may also try their best to take him. He could also stay in La Liga as his former club, Sevilla, is also rumored to give him a five years deal.

Various reactions have filled social media after the news came out.

Mesut Ozil, the former player for Real Madrid, says

Raphael Varane, the player for Madrid, writes

“Living legend and captain of a generation full of trophies. I’ve learned a lot and really enjoyed forming a complementary duo. Congratulations for all these years in Madrid, defending your team in an exemplary way and also scoring many goals! Respect! @sergioramos”.

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Belgian footballer Thibaut Courtois, also his fellow player from the club, writes,

“Thank you @sergioramos for all the time we’ve shared, for your example and commitment. You’re a legend of @realmadrid and football. Wish you all the best, Captain!!”

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French player, Karim Benzema writes


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Spanish player Isco Alarcon Suarez writes,

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German player Toni Kroos writes

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Like this, a lot of other players wished him farewell, and we all hope that he will be back soon.

What do you think about Sergio Ramos leaving Real Madrid? Do you think his fans will also change the club after this? Do let us know.


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