prince harry and mghan with their chld

Second child of Prince Harry and Megan |2021

The good news is out for the British royal family as Meghan Markle gives birth to her second child on Friday in California, and it is bringing a lot of attention from all around. Let us get into it.

prince harry and pregnant markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, announced their second pregnancy last year and they revealed that it is going to be a girl in the very controversial episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. They quoted the birth of their daughter as “more than we could have ever imagined” and they are blessed to welcome her together. They gave birth to their first son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor back in May 2019.

prince harry and mghan with their chld

The new child has been named as Lilibet Diana, honoring two important women in the life of Prince Harry. Lady Diana is Prince Harry’s mother and also one of the most beloved personalities in the world. Lilibet is the childhood name for the currently reigning Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II, who is Harry’s grandmother. The princess weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces during the time of her birth.

During the childhood of Queen Elizabeth, she found it difficult to pronounce her name, so use to refer to herself as Lilibet, which became her nickname in the family. According to historian Andrew Roberts, in April 2021, she signed her husband Prince Phillip’s coffin with that name. Queen Elizabeth is also the longest reigning monarch in history.

Diana was a worldly figure and she was referred to as “the people’s princess” or “the uncrowned queen”. She was known for breaking the stereotypes of the royal family. She was married to Prince Charles in 1981, and gave him two sons: William and Harry. She died in a tragic car accident in France while being chased by the paparazzi in August 1997. The whole world mourned for her, and her legacy still continues today.

Lilibet is not the first one to be honored with the name of The Queen and Princess Diana. Harry’s older brother, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, also named their daughter in the honor of the two influential women. Their daughter’s name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, who is now 6 years old.

It has been more than a year since Harry and Meghan left the royal palace and all their royal titles, and are now living in California. They also gave a very controversial interview to Oprah Winfrey in January, where they accused the royal family of being extremely harsh on them. They also said when Archie was born, his skin color was a matter of concern as Markle has a biracial heritage. Meghan also said how it was hard for her to adjust in the royal family and she was not very sure regarding her and Archie’s security.

price harry podcast

Prince Harry also recently did a podcast with Dax Shepherd where he revealed being in the royal family deteriorated his mental health and Meghan encouraged him to take therapy. About leaving the royal family and his father, Prince Charles, he says, “There is no blame. I don’t think we should be pointing the finger or blaming anybody, but certainly when it comes to parenting, if I’ve experienced some form of pain or suffering because of the pain or suffering that perhaps my father or my parents has suffered, I’m going to make sure I break that cycle so that I don’t pass it on, actually.”

Harry also attended the funeral of his grandfather, Prince Phillip, in April 2021. However Meghan didn’t attend the funeral due to her pregnancy and COVID-19 health restrictions. Although he faced his family after the interview, it really looks like there is no bad blood between the family members.

People Magazine reports that Archie is very happy to have a little sister, and that Meghan and Harry are also taking their time off to focus on the family. We send our warm congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their kids.

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