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Top 10 Scary Urban Legends of Nepal

It is said that the world is not only the home to natural beings, but also the supernatural forces. Most religions believe that once a person dies, their soul is either reborn as another person or animal, or it attends the salvation. But in some cases, the soul is trapped in the Earth and it is not able to escape.

Today, we hear a lot of ghost and scary stories from all around the world. There are even a lot of horror movies that claim to be based on true stories. However, nobody is 100% sure if ghosts, witches, or any paranormal beings exist in our world or not. It may be hallucinations or schizophrenia, or daydreaming, we never know.

As the guy from the YouTube Channel “Nuke’s Top 5” says, “Is it real or just an elaborate hoax? You decide”, it is upto us if we believe them or not.

Today, we bring you top ten urban legends from Nepal, a small country in South Asia, full of biodiversity and cultures. So let us start the countdown.

10. Yeti:

Nepal lies in the Himalayan range, and there are 8 highest mountain peaks in the world, including Mount Everest, which is the highest. Although the mountains look beautiful, a lot of mysteries surround them. The climbers have claimed that they have seen yeti.


Yetis are equivalent to bigfoot, and are big, hairy and extremely aggressive. Some videos have surfaced on the internet, but we still cannot confirm its authenticity. Yet some people believe that they are real and live inside the icy dens of the Himalayas.

9.  The Water Tank of Dhapashi:

Dhapashi is a small town in Kathmandu district of Nepal. However, a legend surrounds the neighborhood regarding a water tank.

urban legends tank gost

It is said that people hear crying, shouting and yelling from the water tank many times. The tank was initially made to store drinking water, but later after these incidents, it was abandoned and till now no development has taken place in that tank.

The legend says that some robbers mugged a man, and killed him, and then threw him inside the tank, and locked it from outside. The man then suffocated and died inside. Since that incident, it is believed that the spirit of that man haunts that area. People are so terrified that they don’t even go near the water tank even during the daytime.

8. Raniban:

The beautiful forest of Raniban (translated as Queen’s jungle), is located in Achham District of Nepal. The beautiful scenario, animal habitat, etc are the main attractions of the forest. But lately, people claim that they hear screams and strange noises from the forest.

raniban ghost urban legends

It is said that a girl was raped under a tree and was killed, and from that day the locals claim to hear unexplainable sounds from that tree. At first, people thought that it might be animals or some timbers making noise, but just two days after the incident took place, the rapist was found hanging from that same tree.

Even police reports claim that it is true, and it is one of the most chilling stories from Nepal.

7. Devghat:

Devghat is a small place that lies in Tanahun district of Nepal. It also serves as the border between three districts of Nepal: Tanahun, Chitwan and Nawalaparsi. Although considered as a holy pilgrimage site of Nepal, people have reported some extremely bizarre things in that area.

In 2009, a human skull was discovered in Devghat, but it wasn’t considered a very huge issue as it also serves as a cremation ground for the dead bodies. However, over the years, a lot of skulls were discovered, and people would hear strange crying and singing voices in that area at night.

Things got even scarier when four women used to come there every night, set fire on themself and perform certain rituals. Locals claim that they have seen it happening, but nobody has ever tried to investigate who those women are.

6. Teen Ghantey:

This might be a type of superstition and false belief, but most of the Nepalese still have some belief in this thing. Teen Ghantey is translated as “three times” in Nepali.

It is said that when someone knocks your door, or calls you just one or two times, you should never answer that. You should only answer it the third time. The belief is that a ghost or some spirit might be calling you, so people wait till the third call.

Although this doesn’t seem very reliable and very superstitious, people do believe in this, and if you are a foreigner and you call some Nepalese just one time and they don’t answer it, don’t get annoyed.

5. Khya:

Khya is translated as “ghost” in Newari language. It is believed that every house has a khya, and they may be good or bad. The good ones will always protect your family, while the bad ones will try every possible way to destroy the family.

Khya is represented as a skeleton and is seen in the pictures with Gods and Goddesses. It is also said that Khyas come at night to scare you and play mischief like throw your blanket, or some other objects in the room. It is basically like a poltergeist but you can see them.

There is also a belief that Khyas are responsible for sleep paralysis and you should never sleep on your back. A lot of people have claimed that they have seen khyas, especially in the old Newari style houses.

4. Kumari:

Kumari is the only living Goddess in Nepal. The girls are selected from the Shakya/Bajracharya clan of the Newar community at the age of 4-5. They are given special treatment and are treated like Goddess, but are not allowed to go out of ‘Kumari House’ or step on the ground. They are also not allowed to talk to anyone except their family, nor smile at anyone.


The culture of Kumari has raised debate regarding basic human rights, but people are not willing to end the culture as it is considered to be going on for ages. It is believed that if Kumari looks at you and smiles, you are going to die very soon.

The reign of Kumari ends when the girl gets her first period, and they are immediately replaced by a new one. There is also a belief that whoever marries the past Kumari, dies within 6 months.

Local people have claimed that they have seen Kumari at night on the empty streets, and when the person and Kumari eye contact each other, the person dies bleeding from his/her mouth. These types of incidents have been mentioned a lot of times, so people don’t usually look outside the window at night.

3. Bokshi/Witch:

Bokshis are actually witches, and witchcraft is widely practised in remote areas of Nepal. The issue of bokshi has become so extreme that women are killed in the name of this ritual.

Especially in the rural areas where the literacy rate is very low, a woman is considered a witch if she speaks against something bad or raises her voice against the patriarchy. They are tied and then burned alive.


‘Jhankris’ or ‘witch doctors’ are called to summon the women and they are hypnotized, tortured, and beaten to death. Everybody watches them beating the woman and no one stops them. This has been a serious issue in the context of Nepal and there are some rights and regulations too, but the situation has not gotten any better.

Even today, we hear a lot of news about how women are accused of being a witch.

2. Barashi:

There is a ritual for girls in Nepal, which is called ‘Bara’ or ‘Gufa’. In this ritual, a girl, aged 5-12, is locked in a room for 12 days. She is not allowed to see the sun or any men through this period, and is only allowed to eat certain food. The ritual is basically considered as the girl getting married to the sun, and on the 12th day when she is taken out of the room, the first thing she sees is the sun.


A lot of girls have shared their experience during these days, like seeing apparitions or feeling that someone is in the room with them. Some girls also claim that their hair is combed and oiled without them noticing, and hearing strange noises. Due to all these things, people nowadays only lock the girls for 2-3 days, instead of 12 days, in a fear that anything may happen to them.

It is said that if a girl dies during this period, her dead body has to be buried inside the house, and her spirit will haunt the house forever. A lot of such incidents have been recorded in Nepal, and people claim that they are ‘barashi’. As mentioned above, ‘Bara’ is the name of ritual and ‘Shi’ means dead in Newari language, so it basically means “Someone who died during Bara”. It is a very scary story and people fear a lot when they are told the stories of barashis.

1. Kichkanya:

Everyone gets chills when they hear the stories of kichkanya. People even fear to take this name, as it feels very scary, and is definitely not for the weak hearted people.

Kichkanyas are the women who have died tragically due to various issues. It maybe murder, accident, childbirth, or any other thing. They are usually spotted in highways and silent roads, and also forests. People say that they hitch hike the vehicles and when they are given the ride, the vehicle meets with an accident and the rider dies.

Talking about the appearance, Kichkanyas appear very beautiful at first, but later when they show their real face, their face looks very scary with ragged hair. Also, it is said that they have opposite feet and enchant the men with their beauty.

A lot of Kichkanya related stories can be heard in Nepal and various sightings have been reported. But we don’t know if it’s all real or just some elaborate hoax (referencing Nuke’s top 5).

Which one do you think is the scariest urban legend in the list? Do you believe in them? Do let us know your thoughts.


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