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Mother’s Day | 2022

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates around the world but usually falls between the months of March to May. To explain mother’s love is like counting every star that exists in the galaxy, which is not possible. Mother’s love plays an important role in the life of every people. It depends on her nurture, to shape the kids accordingly. Everybody has got some kind of respect for their mother, even if they got differences. To celebrate the joy of maternal love and their contribution to society, Mother’s Day is celebrated.

Mother’s Day In Nepal

Talking of Nepal, Mother’s Day usually falls around April or May, in the Bikram Sambat month of Baisakh. In the Nepali language, it is called “Mata Tirtha Aunsi” (translated as Mother Pilgrimage New Moon). On this day, a public holiday is given across the country as Mother plays a significant role in the life of people in Nepal.

How Did Mother’s Day Start In Nepal?

It is not exactly known how this festival started in Nepal, but there surrounds a lot of folktales related to it. On this day, people visit a place called Mata Tirtha, which is located in the South-West part of Kathmandu valley. Initially, this festival was mainly held by the Newar community and other people living in Kathmandu Valley, but looking at the importance of mothers, it is now celebrated across the country.

As we said about folktales, there exists a legend that says that there was a shepherd whose mother died, and he made offerings to a nearby pond (called Mata Tirtha pond in present-day). It is believed that he saw the reflection of his deceased mother in the water, and since then pilgrims believe that visiting that place will bring peace to their mother’s soul. There are two ponds: the larger one is for taking bath, and the smaller one is to take reflection of the mother’s face. Bathing is prohibited in the small pond, and it is defended by iron bars.

Even in the primary schools of Nepal, children are taught to celebrate Mother’s Day from a very young age. This includes making DIY gifts for the mothers. The kids are taught to make greeting cards or any other craft material for their mothers, which has been widely appreciated across the country.

As the kids grow older, they buy gifts for their mothers, from their savings, and once they start to earn, the gift turns even bigger. The married women visit their birth house carrying sweets, fruits and gifts for their mother. And in return, the mothers give them blessings and a lot of good fortune.

Lately, it is observed that Mother’s Day has turned into a bigger event than before, all thanks to social media that create promotions of this day. Different competitions are held on social media like to take a picture with their mothers with the best caption, or any other contests like this. The winner also gets some kind of gift hampers, which sounds nice and fun.

But one thing that we shouldn’t forget is, Mother’s should be celebrated every day, not only on Mother’s Day. The amount of love and care they give us is never equivalent to that one day only, so love your mother every day and give them the same amount of care and nurture that they gave you from the very day that you were born.


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