5 Men’s Body Parts that Women Drool Over

Well, boys, it is not an easy task to impress women these days, as they don’t settle for less. All it takes is to be a good alpha inside and out. You may be economically well-settled or have a ton of good habits, but the outer appearance does matter and it will always matter. Today, we will be looking at five body parts of men that women love, and if you have maintained them, then it won’t take long for the women to go gaga over it.

Let us see what those body parts are:


1. Forearms:

Although it may not sound like something that women or anybody will notice, forearms are one of the most watched and observed parts in a man. This is the reason why many fashion bloggers insist on rolling up your sleeves so that the forearms are exposed. Women love veiny and tanned forearms with little hair. However, don’t pop up too many veins that even a paper cut may lead to fatal injury.

2. Chiselled Jawlines:

If you have sharp and chiseled jawlines, then it takes no time for you to get all the kisses and “Oops! I cut myself” moments. The jawlines have always been an important part of a man’s face, and this trend of jawlines took a hike after TikTok. There have been a lot of trends on TikTok where men flex their jawlines and women simp on it. To have chiseled jawlines, work out, and reduce your body fat. Chewing gums may also help to make them sharp. However, don’t overdo it, or else you are gonna end up looking like Handsome Squidward.

3. Rock Hard Abs:

Like who doesn’t like abs? Everybody loves them and everybody wants to get them. Getting abs is one of the hardest tasks ever and maintaining them is even harder. Yet if you succeed in getting them, then there is no turning back as women are gonna get attracted to them instantly. Maybe some men too will admire it. So go for it boys, get those six-packs.

4. Strong Shoulders:

Shoulders play a very vital role in a man’s physique as it is said that a man must have good and strong shoulders. Have you ever seen a slow and romantic couple dance, where the girl places one of her hands on the man’s shoulder? Yes, shoulders matter and make them strong and broad. Work out to get good shoulders or wear something nice with shoulder pads.

5. Thick Butts:

Yes, yes, even women check out men’s butts. Although the male butt may not be an essential part while in bed, having a great posterior butt is a plus point in attracting women. Make squats and lunges, and grow them, but not as big as that of Pixar moms.


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