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Lorde’s new album is coming soon |2021

After taking a break from music, Lorde is coming back with a new album that is going to be released some time in 2021. Let us get into it.

Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, professionally known by her stage name Lorde, took a break to work on her new and third album. She posted on her official website the cover of her upcoming album. In the cover, Lorde is seen running on the beach, and the not-safe-for-work picture is clicked from the ground angle in fish eye lens format. She is seen wearing a thong and a yellow top. The cover also writes the name of her new album “Solar Power” and is captioned as “Arriving in 2021… Patience is a virtue”.

Since this news came out, Lorde trended number 1 on Twitter, as people were really waiting for her comeback. The last album she released was “Melodrama” back in 2017. Before this, she debuted with her first album “Pure Heroine” back in 2013. Both her albums have received critical acclaim and were nominated for Grammys. Besides the album, her song “Royals” became globally successful and brought a wave of change in teen pop. The song also won two Grammys for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance.

In 2019, she told her fans via email that she has been working on her new album since December 2019 with Jack Antonoff. Jack has worked with Lorde in her previous album, and has also worked with other mainstream singers such as Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey. She also said she has no intention to release a new album after “Melodrama” until her hair grows back long. She adds that we all should expect happy and playful things in her new era.

lorde cover for album

Last week, a Twitter account called MMarcel’s Musicblog, announced that Lorde will release two new songs from her anticipated third album within the same week this month. This has made fans very excited, and she has been trending on Twitter, a few times since then.

While taking a hiatus from music, She was not active on her official Instagram account. But to be connected with the fans, she frequently posts reviews of onion rings. Her account is called “@onionringsworldwide”, and has over 100k followers with 0 following and just nine posts.

In her latest newsletter, Lorde writes, “I want to be playing festivals again – hearing my intro music, watching the band walk onstage. I want to devastate. I want to see a huge line of you outside my hotel. I want to hug you all, and hold your hands.”

The 24 year old singer has confirmed that she will be playing at Spanish Music Festival Primavera Sound, which will be held next year in June 2022.

She is regarded as one of the most influential people in the world according to Times and Forbes. Since her teenage days, she has been delivering powerful and meaningful songs, which has attracted a huge critical acclaim. She has influenced various artists of the present generation such as Billie Eilish, Finneas, Conan Gray, Courtney Love, Daya, James Bay, Sigrid, Tessa Violet, Olivia Rodrigo, Yungblud, Troye Sivan, etc.

Fans have shared their excitement on Twitter with various memes regarding Lorde album cover.

@roguesanya writes, “even the clouds are ready for Lorde”, sharing a picture of clouds shaped as a female body.

lorde fans comt

@MileyLawyer writes, “Lorde walked so Miley Cyrus can look respectfully” sharing a picture of Lorde’s album cover and Miley Cyrus peeking from the car roof.


@lordeisalive writes, “No artist should release music anymore. Lorde is releasing this year and that’s all we need.”

@gpph writes, “Lorde has spoken: SOLAR POWER is the future”, sharing the distraction meme edited with Lorde’s face.

lorder fans comt 4

Are you excited for the return of Lorde? Do let us know.


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