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Shocking Reason Behind Liam Breaking off Engagement With Maya Henry | 2021

Things have been going on rough for the former One Direction singer Liam Payne, as he broke off his engagement with model Maya Henry in less than a year of them announcing it. Let us get into it.

Liam recently appeared in a podcast, The Diary of CEO, where he tells a lot of things about his life and what he has gone through all these years. When the host Steven Bartlett asks him about his relationship status, he answers that he is single. Payne says that he is disappointed in himself and that he is not very good at relationships.

He also says the breakup happened during the lockdown. He further explains that he needs to work on himself before putting himself on someone else, and that the pattern of his relationship is not good at all.


Liam says that he didn’t give the better version of himself to his partner in the relationship, and he did feel bad, but it happened anyway. When Bartlett asks Him about what he has been doing to work out the things in the relationships, he says that people have been pushing him to go to therapy, but he is one who refuses. He also goes on to say how people have been controlling his life and he doesn’t have his own one.

Although Maya Henry’s name was not taken during the podcast, everyone figured out that he was talking about her. Liam and Maya got engaged in August 2020, and announced it in their social media. They have been seen many times together, and also they post a lot of pictures with each other on their Instagram.

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Not only his relationship, Liam also discussed other issues such as his alcoholism problem. We know Liam drinks a lot, and we have seen him drunk in some award shows too. But now, he says that he is sober and has not drank for sometime. When Steven asks him where he would be if he had not been to X Factor, Liam says that he would have been working in his dad’s toy factory. 

Also, he is the only one in One Direction who still talks about the band. So he did share some of his moments during the band. This podcast really made us know Liam more.

Payne and Henry first went official in September of 2019, and they did a bold Calvin Klein shoot together. Later, they were spotted at multiple events together. Maya Henry is a successful model, who has walked for big brands. She also appeared in Lil Nax X and Billy Ray Cyrus’s hit song, Old Town Road. Besides that her family also got a reality show Hanging With Los Henrys, which draws a similar concept to Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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Before Maya Henry, he has been linked with many women. He first dated Danielle Peazer, who was a dancer in X-Factor. In 2013, he dated his childhood friend, Sophia Smith, but broke up in 2015. In 2016, he dated Cheryl, who is 10 years older than him. They also have a son together, Bear Payne. Cheryl was also the judge of X Factor when Liam auditioned. Besides them, Liam was also linked with supermodel Naomi Campbell, who is about fifteen years older than him.

In every relationship, there is trouble in paradise at some point. But He has not been lucky enough to get his love at the time, but we do hope that he will get someone really soon. As of now, his career is important for him. Not only in singing, but he has also shown interest in acting, so we hope we get to see him in some movie or show really soon.

What do you think about Liam Payne and Maya Henry’s breakup? Do let us know.


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