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Italy wins Euro Cup 2020: The Trophy goes to Rome

In the exciting and most awaited match between two European countries: Italy and England, the former wins the match and takes home the title. Let us get into it.

Just today morning, the interesting match between Argentina and Brazil took place for the title of Copa America 2021, where Argentina took home the trophy, and after that all eyes were on Euro Cup 2020.

The match was held at Wembley Stadium in London, and this is the first time Italy took home the title after 1968. This is the second win for the country. Luke Shaw of England scored the first goal for the match in just two minutes, making it the fastest goal of the season this year.

Harry Kane first spread the ball wide to Kieran Trippier and he instantly repaid coach Gareth Southgate’s faith in recalling him by sending over a curling deep cross and it went to Shaw, who met on the half volley to hammer inside the post. It is also Shaw’s first international goal.

While Italy struggled to score for a long time. Finally, on the 67th minute, Leonardo Bonucci scored for Italy, and the match ended equalising the score. Extra five minutes were added, but nothing happened during that time. Even extra 30 minutes were added and even the third half proved to be worthless. Then, the penalty shoot outs took place

It was the penalties that declared the winner. Italian players Federico Bernardeschi, Leonardo Bonucci and Domenico Berardi scored each one for the country. On the other hand, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka missed the penalty shots for England, after Marcus Rushford hit the post. The Italian goalkeeper, Gian-luigi Donnarumma saved two England penalties, hence making the final score 3-2.

Also, this is the first time the winner was declared on the basis of a penalty after Czechoslovakia and West-Germany in 1976. This indeed is a very happy and proud moment for Italy and fans, as the country lost the finals back in 2000 and 2012.

Euro Cup

A lot of well known celebrities were present at the Wembley Stadium during the match. The former football star, David Beckham, was seen sitting next to the Hollywood star Tom Cruise. They were seen celebrating the first goal for England, as they both were the supporters of the home team. Last time, David Beckham was seen in the stadium when England played against Germany, with his son, Romeo Beckham, but Romeo was absent this time.

Not only them, even the Royal Family of the United Kingdom were there to give their support. We saw Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton and their son Prince George. When the home team lost the match, we could see the disappointment in their faces.

When England played against Denmark, the fans of England were accused of shining a laser light on the Danish goalkeeper’s eyes during the penalty shots. The Football Association fined 30,000 Euros for that. Also, the fans were accused of booing the Danish team while they were singing their national anthem. Due to all these interdisciplinary behaviors, most of the people were in support of Italy this time.

Talking about the records of the match, we have the following chart according to UEFA:

Italy England
Shots on Target
Yellow Card

Source: UEFA

A lot of celebrities were happy when England won the match against Denmark, and were expecting the trophy to come home.

Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, took to her Instagram story and said “It’s coming home” with the flag emojis of England.

“Don’t Start Now” singer Dua Lipa also posted pictures of her watching the match with her friends, and after the victory, posted the pictures saying, “IT’S COMING HOME”.

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David Beckham’s second son, who is also a huge football enthusiast, posted a picture of him playing soccer and captioned it writing, “ITS COMIN HOME”.

“Shape of You” singer Ed Sheeran also posted the picture of the jersey of England writing, “It’s coming home”.

Little did they know that all their dreams were going to be shattered.

Gian-luigi Donnarumma took to his Instagram and shared his happiness writing:

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“Champions of Europe. Proud to have given a smile to all Italians and to have lived together with our extraordinary fans many “Magical Nights”.”

Leonardo Bonucci shared a picture of him kissing the trophy and writes:

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“It’s coming Rome. Or better yet. Let’s take her to Rome. See you later. For Italy and Italians.”

He also posted another one writing:

“We Italians conquered every centimeter by real. We believed it, we wanted it. And it has arrived. Champions of Europe for us, for you, Italians around the world. It’s for you. Enjoy. The cup is ours.”

Ciro Immobile writes:

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“From the streets of a small town in Naples to the roof of Europe. When you have to dream, do it big, sometimes everything you want comes true with all of yourself”.

Upon winning, Roberto Mancini, the coach for Azzurri, the national football team of Italy, said, “We conceded right away, but we reacted well and deserved the win. We’re happy, I hope they are celebrating in Italy.”

Upon losing the game, some celebrities shared their disappointment too.

Dua Lipa writes on her Instagram story, “all the boys made us so proud!!!!! Well done on such a great game! We love you England. We’ll bring it home soon enough.”


“Strip That Down” and the former One Direction singer writes, “What a shame… well played @england boys. Got to give them credit being all out for 2 hours”.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

“Heartbreaking. Congratulations @Azzurri on a great victory.

@England, you’ve all come so far, but sadly this time it wasn’t our day. You can all hold your heads high, and be proud of yourselves – I know there’s more to come. W”.

Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal, also broke the record for highest scorer this season.

What do you think about the final of Euro Cup 2020? Which team did you support and which team are you going to support next year? Do let us know.


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