How to know your basic body type and how to match the colors of your outfit? 2022

It is definitely nerve-wracking to get up and decide what you are going to wear today, and how to find the perfect outfit for your body every day. On top of that, you really need to decide what colors you can match together, right? The first color combination that gets on your mind must definitely be black and white, but do you know that there is a whole theory to know the perfect color combinations? So today, let us see how to select a perfect dress for your body type, and what color combinations can you match with your outfits.

Body Types:

Human bodies come in different shapes and sizes, but it is mostly generalized into five categories, and they are:

  1. Apple or Round
  2. Rectangle
  3. Triangle or Pear
  4. Inverted Triangle
  5. Hour Glass

All these body types are determined by the ratio of your bust, waist, and hips. Now, let us see what these different body types are.

Apple or Round:

These are the type of bodies where the waist is comparatively bigger than the bust and hips. For these types of bodies, it will be ideal for you to wear an oversized outfit that will cover your waist area and flair down on your hips. You can also glamorize yourself with a neckpiece so that the main focus goes on that area.


These are the body type where the bust, waist, and hips are of almost the same ratio. For these body types, you can wear a fit outfit, accessorized with a belt so that your waist looks a bit narrower than your bust and hips. Most of the international models have this kind of body type.

Triangle or Pear:

These are the body types where the bust is comparatively smaller than the waist, and again the waist is smaller than the hips. For these types of bodies, it will be ideal for you to wear wedge silhouettes so that it adds a layer on your shoulders, which will make it look good.

Inverted Triangle:

These are the type of bodies where the bust is comparatively larger than the wait, but the hips are even smaller than the waist. For these types of bodies, don’t add more volume on your shoulders, instead, you can create a focal point around the belt or the legs. You can also wear the U or the V necklines so that the shape is well-defined.


These are the type of bodies where the bust and the hips are of almost the same size, while the wait is narrowers the both. These types of bodies are considered the most ideal body type in the world of fashion because they can carry out any type of outfit properly. For these types of bodies, you can wear something that totally balances the shape of your body evenly.

Now let us take a look at which color combinations are the best.

We obviously know that black and white go very well with each other, but besides this, there is a theory of the color wheel.

So, what is a color wheel?

The color wheel is a wheel that contains primary, tertiary, and secondary colors. The main three colors in the environment are red, blue, and yellow. These are the colors that cannot be created by mixing any two or more colors. They only exist in their pure form.

Now, mixing red, blue, and yellow, we get three more different colors. They are orange, green, and violet. These three colors are called tertiary colors.

Again, mixing all of them, we get other colors which are called secondary colors. These colors are yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, violet-red, red-orange, and yellow-orange.

So, now we have the color wheel and it’s time to see what colors to combine. We have altogether twelve colors in the chart.

outfit color body type

If you want to combine three different colors, all you have to do is create an acute angle on this wheel. For example, if we take red, blue, and yellow, it creates a perfect acute angle on the chart, so these three colors go with each other very well. Other combinations can be orange, violet, and green. Like this, you can look at the chart and determine the colors.

outfit color body type

But if you want to combine four different colors, which we rarely do, then make an exact square on the wheel. For example, we can see yellow-green, orange, violet-red, and blue at the equidistance from each other, which creates a perfect square. So, these colors go very well with each other. Another example can be green, orange-yellow, red, and blue-violet.

outfit color body type

Like this, you can easily determine what colors you can combine to get a perfect outfit. So, go for it and try it for yourself. You are going to look great and fabulous.

What do you think about body types and color combinations? Do let us know if this was helpful or not.


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