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10 Gifts to Give Your Mother on Mother’s Day To Suprise Her| 2021

Remember when we were in primary school, and a few days before Mother’s Day, the teachers used to teach us how to make cards to give to our moms. It was so fun to think of, and the amount of shyness we used to have to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to our mother.

But today, things are different. We are no longer that primary school kids, we have grown up and so have our responsibilities. If that is the case, then our gift for our mothers should also be something big and special. So here is our count for the top 10 gifts to give your mother on Mother’s Day.

10. A Printed Photo of Her With Beautiful Frame

Who doesn’t like a beautiful picture of themself right? It makes us feel like we are models. And among 1000s of pictures in your phone gallery, I am pretty sure there are at least 50 pictures of your mom, and choose the best one. Go to a photo studio, print it out, put it inside a beautiful frame, wrap it with wrapping paper, add a bow on top and write something special for her. Trust me, the smile that will emerge after she unwraps that gift will be so precious.

9. Bag/Purse:

Have you ever seen how much women love bags and purses? Maybe because of the lack of pockets in their dress, bags and purses are so essential for them. I have seen every woman carrying a bag on the street, and it looks so good. And remember when we ask for money, our mom used to be like “Go bring my bag” and we run to get it. Also, bags are not quite expensive.

We get good quality bags under the range of 3k, it doesn’t have to be Gucci or Prada. Imagine our moms will be going out carrying that bag or purse, and when someone tells them that it’s a nice bag or purse, they will say “Yeah my son/daughter gifted me”. That will be a proud moment for us as well as our mom.

8. Watch:

As they say “Time is precious” and yes it is. Remember when we were toddlers, our moms used to feed us on time, put us to bed on time, and everything. Even today, they make everything available for us on time. Watches are considered one of the best gifts as it comes in different designs, and the selection range is very high.

If you have enough money, you can also buy watches that cost 1000s of dollars, but they also come at an affordable price and in good quality. Watches under 2k last for about 2 years, which is definitely a good thing. Trust me, she is gonna keep that watch with her till the end.

7. Shoes:

Go to the shoe shelf, and secretly take the size of your mom’s shoes and ask her what kind of shoes she liked without making anything very obvious. She will definitely have some kind of choice, and then go and buy her the shoes that she desired. In the end, she is gonna be surprised by how sneaky you were being. She is gonna love it, and maybe she is gonna wear that to every event till it wears out. Shoes are kind of expensive, but hey she is mom anyway.

6. A Song:

Remember that Phineas and Ferb episode where it shows how Candace writes a song for her mom, but her brothers steal the limelight, yet at the end, her mother likes her song the most. The gift of music is just the best. If someone writes a song for me, I will never hate it and play it every day and never get bored of it. Every song related to mothers will make you cry.

Take an example of Sushant KC’s song ‘Aama’; this song never gets bad and you can’t listen to it without dry eyes. So compose a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. Even if your singing is bad, just try and she will surely like it.

5. A Nice Dress:

Every time when we had to go out, my mom complains “I don’t even have a dress to go out” while her whole wardrobe is filled with some kind of dress. Haha but you know how much women like clothes and are attached to them, a dress would be a nice option for her.

You will obviously know her taste and what kind of clothes she wears, and then go to the store and buy her the best one. This is also super affordable, just that you have to take some time to buy the perfect dress.

4. Take Her Out for Lunch or Dinner:

“Even today you cooked the same food”, “I don’t wanna eat this”… These are the things we usually tell our mom because we get bored of regular homemade food. Even our mothers want to spice up the taste sometimes, so how about we take them out to eat and let them order whatever they want.

Yes, she is not gonna order some expensive food for sure, but tell her to order anything that she desires. Yet still, she is definitely gonna complain, “I can cook better than this” haha moms are moms. And we love them anyway.

3. Jewellery/Accessories:

Yes, yes, jewelleries are kind of expensive and not everyone can afford it, but if you have saved enough money, then jewelleries are really the best option. She can wear them anywhere and even people will get surprised when they hear that you gifted them.

If not jewelleries, then you can also buy them accessories, which are getting very much popular. They don’t cost much, and are quite affordable. Accessories include rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. So, give her jewelry or accessories, and make her happy.

2. Do all the chores:

Our mothers definitely complain that we don’t help her in doing anything, and when we ask to help, they say no. But really, mothers secretly want us to do every chore in the house. From cleaning to helping her to cook, or helping her in her business and everything. At least she won’t have to work very much that day, because we are there to help.

They won’t show but they will really like it if we do that. Trust me, helping her in chores is better than buying anything. She will go out and tell her friends that, “My son/daughter helps me in the house a lot”. So, go and help your mom. Do them chores!!!

1. All Your Love and Support:

Everyday we hear some kind of news like, “Son left his mother in an old age home”. There is no bigger fear for her than to see her own kids disowning her. Whatever the situation maybe, always love her immensely because remember that even you were incapable once, and it’s all because of her that you are who you are now. Respect her and be nice to her. If someone tells her anything, then defend her.

Support her if she wants to do something because you know how hard it is to live in a patriarchal society. Your one support can give her so much confidence, and she will be so relieved that even if the whole world is against her, at least her child is behind her. That is the best gift you can ever give your mom.


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