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What to expect from your F.R.I.E.N.D.S on 5/27?

After the 30 second clip was released, we now finally have a full trailer of the new F.R.I.E.N.D.S  Reunion, and this gives much more detail of what is going to happen in the upcoming episode. So let’s take a look.

As we have mentioned a few days back, a reunion is happening on one of the most epic shows on the planet. Friends is that show, which has established a pop culture and a benchmark around the world, and fans are really excited about this reunion.


F.R.I.E.N.D.S stars Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribianni, Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing and David Schwimmer as Ross Geller.

On 19th May, HBO Max released a 2 minute long trailer of the special episode, and we get to see a lot of things in it. The trailer begins with the view of the apartment where the friends lived, and then shows the view of Joey and Chandler’s foosball table in their kitchen.

The scene shifts to all of them playing a quiz like in the episode “The One With The Embryos”, where Joey, Chandler, Rachel and Monica play a quiz, hosted by Ross, and the girls lose their apartment.

That scene is recreated by David Schwimmer starting and he says, “The test is ready… Rachel wrote Ross a letter and demanded he read it before they got back together. How many pages was that later?” Here Matt LeBlanc yells in Joey’s voice, “18 pages”, and David asks, “18 pages?”, with Jennifer Aniston as Rachel yelling, “Front and back.”

Then, Schwimmer moves on to say, “Front and back is correct.” This really brings back a lot of memories when they all got very aggressive while playing this game.

Then all the main cast are shown entering the studio after such a long time. Lisa Kudrow heartedly says, “Oh my God!” while Jennifer Aniston says, “Where is the tissue box?” Jennifer really must have felt very emotional.

Then they proceed to the fountain where they shot the theme song, “I’ll be there for you”, with James Cordon welcoming them. The orange couch from Central Perk is also kept there with the audience.

The scene shifts to Monica’s apartment, and LeBlanc recalls how they used to eat lunch at that table. Also, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc are shown resting themself in their arm chair, with the same moaning that they did in the original episode. They go on explaining that their bond was very strong in the show.

James Cordon also asks one of the most debated topics till now and that is, “Were Ross and Rachel on a break?”, to which all the cast answers, “Yes”, but LeBlanc hilariously says, “Bullshit!” Haha, it seems like Matt LeBlanc is still Joey somewhere in his heart.

David Schwimmer says, “Everyone was so perfectly cast” telling his experience during the first table read. Lisa Kudrow also recreates her iconic line, “My eyes, my eyes!!!” from the episode, “The One Where Everyone Finds Out”, where she sees Monica and Chandler making out from the window, and the cast bursts into laughter.

Also, we know that before Friends, Jennifer Aniston was on a different show, and she quit that show for Friends. She tells how she went to the producer of that show to talk, and he said, “That show is not gonna make you a star.” Well, jokes on him now, Friends made Jennifer Aniston a worldwide star from Hollywood, received Emmys, and whatnot.

Matt LeBlanc goes on to explain that one time when he was watching TV, he saw a live aerial broadcast of all of their houses. He also tells how he reacted to that and his reaction was really funny. He says, “What! My roof is a mess.” Lisa Kudrow hilariously laughs out loud here.

Courteney Cox says, “It was an incredible time. We became best friends”, while Matthew Perry gets emotional and says, “Nah, I am gonna cry now”, and Aniston rubs his shoulder. Kudrow then says, “When I watch the episodes, I’m laughing out loud cause you all make me laugh so hard.”

Also, it seems like they have arranged a fashion show on the most epic outfits that the characters wore on the show. From the trailer, we see models wearing the costume of Holiday Armadillo and Rachel’s dress that she wore at Barry’s wedding. The Holiday Armadillo was from the episode, “The One With The Holiday Armadillo” where Ross wants his son, Ben (played by Cole Sprouse), to know about Hanukkah so dresses up in an armadillo costume. While Rachel’s outfit gave us one of the most epic lines by Chandler and that is, “I’m sorry, we don’t have your sheep.”

We also get a glimpse of Tom Selleck, who played Richard, and Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice. Wheeler tells her most popular catchphrase, “Oh My God” and we can’t get enough of that.

The host, James Corden, also tells how special the show was to everyone. He says, “I know, you know, how big the show is. What you have given so many people is an experience of huge comfort. We felt like we have these friends.” And whatever Corden said is absolutely true and we couldn’t agree more.
The trailer ends with all six of them hugging. We really don’t know when we are going to see them again, but we are eagerly waiting for this special episode that we have been waiting for many years.

The official Instagram page of HBO Max posted the trailer writing, “Friends: The Reunion | Official Trailer . Picture this:

The year is 2002, it’s Thursday night, and you rush home to catch the latest episode of Friends. Now get ready for it to happen all over again. Friends: The Reunion is streaming May 27 on HBO Max.


The official Instagram account of F.R.I.E.N.D.S also shared the trailer writing, “Friends:The Reunion . THE BREAK 👏 IS OVER 👏 #friendsreunion”

The same FRIENDS trailer was posted by all six main actors, and they write:

jenny friends union

Jennifer Aniston:
“I love my friends ♥ . Leaving this here…..
#FriendsReunion @hbomax”


cox friend

Courteney Cox:
“05-27-21 We’ll be there for you…  #friendsreunion @hbomax @friends


Lisa Kudrow:
“See ALL of it on May27th on @hbomax @friends #friendsreunion . @jenniferaniston @courteneycoxofficial @mleblanc @mattyperry4 @_schwim_”


Matthew Perry:
“We’re back! . I’m not crying, you’re crying. There are more surprises where this came from… #FriendsReunion 5/27 on @hbomax. @friends @hbomaxpop”


Matt LeBlanc:
“Friends Reunion . Ok. Getting closer. #friendsreunion on @HBOMax May 27th”


David Schwimmer:
“#FriendsReunion . How good does it feel to finally give that friend you haven’t seen in years a big hug?

Now multiply that by 5.
Or 7 if you’re Joey.
Thursday, May 27th.


The F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode is set to air on 27th May on HBO Max. The episode has been named as “The One Where They Get Back Together”.


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