Whats going to happpen in the final 20th season of KUWTK of kim kardashian ?

With the final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians already airing, there are a lot of things going on this season for Kim Kardashian already. Let’s get to it.

The American socialite, Kim Kardashian, is always in the spotlight. Recently, she just shut the rumors about hooking up with her sister, Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend Travis Barker, the new season has covered much of what happened to her during 2020.

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As we know, Kim is studying hard to become a lawyer as an advocate for criminal justice. She started the course in 2019, but instead of traditionally joining a law school, she is spending four years apprenticing with a practicing lawyer for a certain amount of time each week. While taking a course like this, the students have to take the First Year Law Students Exam, which is also known as Baby Bar exam. If the students pass this exam, then they can continue studying for 3 more years. But unfortunately, Kim failed this.


On the 10th episode of season 20, Kim confronted her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, and said she didn’t pass the baby bar exam. She also said that she didn’t fail by that much of a score. Her score was 474, but at least 560 is needed to pass the exam. Her elder sister Kourtney supported her saying that their dad would be proud of her regardless.

As their dad, Robert Kardashian was an attorney, who also was a defense attorney for Simpson’s 1995 murder trial. Her younger sister, Khloe, also had her back and says that it is respectable what she is doing, by taking time off from family and kids. Kim interrupts and says that she can’t take her time off from her kids again, as the next exam is in November. It looks like Kim is going to have a hard time deciding if she really wants the lawyer degree or not.

Also, Kim planned a secret birthday vacation with Jonathan Cheban, for all her family and close friends to an isolated island. She rented the island and a private jet, and took all the COVID-19 safety measures for everyone before travelling. Nobody was told where she was taking them, and she just told everyone to pack clothes and carry their passports.

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We also got to see a cameo of her ex-husband, Kanye West, who helped her pick 65 different outfits for her mother, Kris Jenner’s 65th birthday. Kris and her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, came to see the outfits, and she was very wowed with what her daughter planned.

Recently, Olivia Rodrigo dropped her new album, Sour, and she sent some PR stuff to Kim, and people were really not happy with what Olivia did. As we know, Olivia is a big Swiftie, and Kim and Taylor Swift had a feud regarding the phone call with Kanye. So some toxic Swiftest are calling Olivia a fake fan of Taylor Swift, but pretty much it looks like Olivia had nothing to do with sending the PR goodies to Kim, and it’s all a part of album promotion.

Kim posted the video of Sour’s PR goodies on her Instagram story saying, “How cute is Olivia Rodrigo, you guys? I can’t wait for her album. You guys know, I love Driver’s License.” But her daughter North hilariously interrupts saying, “You never listen to it.” And Kim giggles and says, “Yes, I do. I listen to it all the time. Stop, North.” She then asks her son Saint, “Saint, don’t we listen to it in the car all the time, yes?” Then, Saint answers, “Yes”. That was too much chaos for a short 20 second clip. Well, Kim once posted a story from her car with Driver’s License overlaying the video, after her divorce with Kanye West.

Rodrigo also sent her a note that reads,

Thank you so much for supporting my music! It means the absolute world. I just adore you & I wanted to give you a few goodies to celebrate the release of my 1st album SOUR. Sending you & ur fam so much love.”

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What do you think about Kim Kardashian? What do you think she is going to do after Keeping Up With The Kardashians goes off air? Do let us know.


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