Euphoria To Return With Season 3

Euphoria to return with season 3: Becomes the most-watched show on HBO after Game of Thrones

The hit HBO show, Euphoria, created by Sam Levinson returned back with the second season on 9th January 2022, after over two years since the first season ended. The show has an ensemble cast consisting of Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Alexa Demie, Sydney Sweeney, Jacob Elordi, Maude Apatow, Angus Cloud, Eric Dane, to name a few. Euphoria has received widespread critical acclaim for its plot, cinematography, scores, and performances since the beginning but has also been slammed due to extreme nudity.

Euphoria Season 3

Euphoria follows a group of high school students through their experiences of identity, trauma, drugs, family, friendship, love, and sex. Due to its graphic content, Zendaya even issued a trigger warning on her Instagram that stated:

“I know I’ve said this before, but I do want to reiterate to everyone that Euphoria is for mature audiences. This season, maybe even more so than the last, is deeply emotional and deals with subject matter that can be triggering and difficult. Take care of yourself and know that either way you are still loved and I can still feel your support. All my love, Daya.”

The second season of the show focused mainly on the relationship between Nate and Cassie, played by Jacob Elordi and Sydney Sweeney respectively, and Fezco and Lexi, played by Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow respectively. Besides that, the show also focused on Rue and her problems with drug addiction and also dealing with Cal’s (played by Eric Dane) identity dilemma. For the first season, Zendaya even won a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, making her the youngest actress ever to win in that category. Whereas, this season, Sydney Sweeney’s performance has been lauded by the audience.

Besides the main ensemble cast of the first season, Dominic Fike and Chloe Cherry joined the cast of the second season. This marked the acting debut of Dominic Fike, who is also a musician. While Chloe Cherry is an adult movie star, who also played the role of Jules in a porn parody of the show.

When the second season premiered, it drew 2.4 million viewers across all HBO platforms, and also marked the strongest digital premiere night performance for an episode of an HBO series since HBO Max’s launch. The final episode of the second season was watched by 16.3 million viewers and became the second most-watched HBO show of all time behind Game of Thrones. Euphoria is also the most tweeted show in the decades so far with over 30 million tweets.

When will the third season of Euphoria arrive?

(Spoiler Warning Ahead)

The second season of Euphoria ended with Ashtray (Javon Walton) being shot dead by the police, and also in the process injuring Fezco. Also, Lexi successfully completed her stage play despite Cassie and Maddy starting a real stage fight between the drama. On the other hand, Nate arrested his father, Cal, for pedophilic behavior. The show ended with Rue saying that she stayed sober for the rest of her school year.

It will be interesting to see how the story will progress in the future. The third season of Euphoria is expected to arrive sometime in 2024. The internet reaction has been wild after hearing that it will take over another two years for the show to be back again.

Zendaya posted a picture of her with Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow during the last day of the shoot, writing:

“It’s been a long but beautiful road, last Euphoria day for a while…we hope you enjoy it”.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

What do you think about the second season of Euphoria? Did you enjoy it? Also, are you excited for the third season? What is your take on this? Do let us know.


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