COVID-19 Serious Threat in Nepal

In 2019, the world took a turn when a small but extremely deadly virus known as covid-19 was found in the Wuhan province of China, causing fatalities. The whole city was locked down to prevent the Covid-19 from spreading, but somehow or the other, it spread to other cities of China, and soon the whole world was terrorized.

At first, people were not really tensed with the situation because it was believed that the coronavirus is just like some normal flu that will come and go, and the vaccines are available too. But the actual horror started, when everything was proved wrong, and they appeared to be more dangerous and caused the pandemic around the world.

Even some developed countries such as China, Italy, USA were harshly hit by the coronavirus, causing a high mortality rate across the globe. The healthcare system started to fail, the doctors started working 24/7, making them lifesavers overnight. Right now, India is badly hit by COVID-19, and the situation in Brazil is very bad too.

Amid all this, Nepal stood up as a country that fought and controlled the virus in the initial days. There was only one case of COVID-19 in the month January 2020, and the number reached two in the month of March. Just as that happened, the whole country was locked down, and people were told to stay indoors. The frontline workers worked as hard as they can to make people stay inside and prevent the virus from spreading.

People stayed indoors and did what they always wanted to do as there was no school, no office, no nothing, just chill. People watched movies, series, and a lot of underrated shows such as Dark, Dirilis:Ertugrul, Money Heist, Peaky Blinders, etc started to receive attention. People tried new recipes, and Dalgona Coffee trended worldwide. People worked in their interest, some made art, some wrote literature, some exercised, and everything.

But there is a popular Nepali saying, which was first coined by the present PM of Nepal, KP Sharma Oli, and that saying is “Nepali Ho Ni” (Translated as “Afterall we are Nepali”). Nepalese are not someone who follows the rule, and one by one people started to come out of their houses, claiming that the situation is under control and that they are not scared of the virus. Hence, the so called lockdown was ended by people themselves, but they still feared the crowd and took necessary precautions such as wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, etc.


Even though people were claiming that the situation is under control, the number of infectants kept rising every day, with a peak of nearly 8000+ people per day. But still, Nepalese couldn’t stop themselves from staying in, and soon places such as restaurants, clubs, malls, movie theatres were opened. People started to travel, go to places, enjoy things like COVID-19 doesn’t exist. Festivals with large numbers of crowds started to be held. Protests, rallies were conducted, educational institutions started to open again, and things were back to normal. But not for long…

Students started to complain that their examinations aren’t being held on time. The college students were stuck in the same semester for a whole year. SEE was cancelled and the results were based on their internal evaluation. As people were getting broke, they started to complain the government is not providing them enough finance to survive, which were all true. So, people no longer waited for the government and did what they had to.

Soon, a deadly second wave, with new variations of the virus, started to terrorize the neighboring country, India. And as Nepal and India have open borders, it doesn’t take much time for the virus to enter Nepal. The toll rose in India with nearly 300k+ cases every day, and soon the border was sealed. However, it was late, as even Nepal saw a very high surge of infection, nearly 9k+ cases every day, and once again, the country was kept under the shutdown. Education shifted to online once again, lockdown 2.0 started once again, and hence everything was like a festival that happens yearly

Everyone is still hoping for this pandemic to end so that they can start their regular and normal life once again.


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