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10 Easter Eggs in 5th Episode of Loki You Probably Missed

Marvel Cinematic Universe is not only known for introducing some of our favorite superheroes and villains, but also has been credited for having a good storyline and a variety of characters.

Till date, Marvel has made over 25 movies and 3 series, and more have been planned and are set to be released soon. Amid all these different movies and series, a universe is created where every story is set. This universe not only contains our favorite superheroes and villains, but also a lot of hidden easter eggs.

Today we are going to talk about the easter eggs from the recently launched and critically acclaimed series Loki, which is about the Norse God of Mischief and the adoptive brother of Thor. Even though there were some easter eggs since the first episode, we noticed a lot of them in the 5th and the second last episode of the first season. So let’s talk about it:

Helicopter of Thanos:

loki easter eggs thanos

One of the strongest villains of MCU was Thanos, with whom the whole Avengers assembled to kill him and take back the infinity stones, by which he wiped half of the people in the world. Although the helicopter has not appeared in any of the Marvel movies, it was used by the mad titan in the comic book to fight with Hellcat and take the Tesseract. Eventually he lost and was arrested by normal human police. Must say that it is one of the most ridiculous vehicles a villain could have.

Frog Thor:

Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, got a lot of power, but in this episode, we see him as a frog and that too locked inside a jar. We have seen a lot of Loki variants in the show, but a variant of his brother is definitely a new thing for us. There is even a chapter about this version of Thor, known as Throg, in the comic book where he battles rats and then turns into The Throg of Thunder. Well, not gonna lie, it’s hilarious.

Thor’s Hammer:

thor hammer easter eggs

Another one of Thor’s references is his hammer Mjornir, which can only be lifted by Thor himself, but surprisingly Captain America too lifted it. We see a glimpse of Throg trying to get out of the jar and trying to reach Mjolnir. No idea how hard he has been trying. Poor guy.

Stark Tower:

We actually saw this in the post credit scene of episode 4, but we get a clearer view of the ruined tower in the fifth episode. It stands in the background of the scene where Boastful Loki, Kid Loki, Classic Loki and Alligator Loki are first introduced. Along with it, we also see the great statue of Sphinx that stands beside the Great Pyramids of Giza in the real world.



To control the cloud beast, all the Lokis get into action and Sylvie plans to enchant the monster. But the biggest role was played by Classic Loki and he built a virtual reality of Asgard, on which the cloud monster Allioth tries to feed on. Sadly, he is also eaten up by the beast and sacrifices his life to save everything.

The Ship of Ronan:

In the scene where all the Lokis are looking at the lighting strike by Allioth, we see a giant ship, which looks like the ship from The Guardians of the Galaxy. It was heavily featured in that movie, and the heroes crashed it to the ground. A lot of things are happening lately.

The USS Eldridge Ship:


The USS Eldridge (DE-173) was the ship that was created by the United States to conquer Solomon Islands. At the time, there was a hoax that the ship was turned invisible for an experiment called “Philadelphia Experiment”. People considered it true, but also due to lack of evidence, some didn’t believe in that. Later, the man who made up this hoax Carlos Miguel Allende came out and told the truth.

The giant head of Yellowjacket:

Remember this Yellowjacket thing in the movie Antman and the Wasp. It gave enough troubles to Scott Lang, and to destroy it, he went inside that thing and ruined its parts, but then it turned huge. Later, it was defeated by the help of Spiderman and Ironman. Looks like the TVA pruned it too.

Polybius Game:

Polybius Game

Remember that Arcade game Polybius, which was surrounded by so many conspiracy theories when it was launched during the 80s? The void of the Lokis contain that game too. It has been said that the game was controlled by government to control the people, and those who played it, suffered from hallucinations and nightmares. I wonder if the Lokis actually played that or TVA just pruned it.

President Loki:

president loki

This is another one of the reference from the comic book, Vote Loki, which was directed as a satire about the 2016 presidential election. It got 4 issues and Loki actually ran for the presidency of the United States. Imagine what would have happened if he won instead of Donald Trump! However, this President Loki’s hand was eaten by Alligator Loki for humiliating him. Nobody messes with out cutest Alligator Loki.


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