Dua Lipa Wishes Her boyfriend Anwar Hadid On His 22nd Birthday

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid’s younger brother, Anwar Hadid, turned 22 on 22nd June, and he got a lot of wishes from his close peers. Hadid was wished beautifully by his girlfriend, Dua Lipa, and his family members. Let us get into it.

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Dua Lipa, one of the biggest pop stars of the world, started dating Anwar Hadid back in 2019. They were seen kissing in the musical festival, and since then the romance of these two blossomed. Lipa is known for her songs like “New Rules”, “IDGAF”, “Don’t Start Now”, “Physical”, “One Kiss”, etc. Last year, she released her critically and commercially successful album, Future Nostalgia, which gave Dua her third Grammy Award.

Model Anwar Hadid, the brother of two supermodel sisters Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, turned 22 on Tuesday. Anwar has been featured in multiple teen magazine, and has been vocally active regarding Israel-Palestine situation, as his father Mohammaed Hadid is a Palestinian. Besides modelling, Hadid has also started his singing career.

In 2019, Hadid released his first album, Bleach, which didn’t become successful and was easily forgotten as no one really listened to it. In April, 2021, he released another song “Off@Night”, which was promoted by both Dua and his sisters. The song got little attention, but was not very successful. On 10th June, 2021, Hadid went on to release another song “4MyLove”. 

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As the model/singer turned 22, a lot of his friends and family wished him on his birthday. His girlfriend Dua Lipa posted a series of pictures of them and wrote, “Happy Birthday Baby @anwarspc another lap around the sun – you make my world so much better!! I’m lucky to love you and be loved by you. DEXTER IS SO LUCKY TOO N LOVES U SO MUCH!!! Can’t wait to celebrate youuuu today 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂”

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Dexter is the name of their dog that they adopted.

Hadid’s older sister Bella Hadid posted two posts for him. One post features them as kids along with their eldest sister Gigi Hadid. The caption writes, “I love this so much @anwarspc I celebrate u today and everyday”.

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While another post features both Anwar and Bella sharing some of their moments. She writes, “Happy birthday to my favorite human on the planet. My protector! My spiritual warrior and twin. You make me so proud to be your sister. The love, passion, and creativity that you put into anything you do inspires me. I wish I could be with you today. My heart is in literal pieces. By anyways. I know you will have the best day and I am so proud of everything that you are!!! Best guy Best style Best brain Best heart. You are the sickest @anwarspc happy@birthday you little squirtle”.

Anwar’s father Mohammed Hadid loves him very much and we frequently see him showering his love to his son on his Instagram posts. He posted some pictures of Anwar on his birthday and wrote, “My Son My Legacy. The man with a heart of gold .. a soul as white as newly drifted snow. Loves his family. His culture and his heritage he is a prince he’s a legend he is Anwar Mohamed Gerard Hadid. Son of two emigrant parents. Self Made. Hard working music art design and best son one can ever have. Happy birthday @anwarspc”.

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In his other post, he uploaded some of Anwar’s magazine covers, and also a picture of him with Dua Lipa. In the post, he captions writing, “And his modeling days. Still the best male model Citizen out there… fighting for humanity @anwarspc”.

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The last post for his birthday includes a picture of him kissing Anwar, and he writes, “Good night my son. It was a good day for me and your mom and your sisters when you arrived into our life. @anwarspc”.

Anwar’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, also wished him with a sweet message on his birthday. She posted ten pictures of him as a child, and some of her memories with him. In the caption, she writes, “We’ve flown high and we’ve flown low…

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Happy birthday to you my one and only…
I am so proud of the man that you are…
Consistently kind, loving and understanding of those who’s lives with touch with your magical ways.
May you always be blessed with instinct, intuition and power to stay devoted to your passion, purpose and hearts desires..
So that you can infuse your career, your relationships, your creative and spiritual life with the deepest meaning of your soul mission..
I love you Anwar, thank you for being you…..”

Alana Hadid, Anwar’s half-sister also wished him with some of their pictures. She captions it writing, “Happy birthday to my strong, kind, loving, courageous little Brosef @anwarspc. I truly adore you, can’t wait to celebrate your golden birthday today 2 🟨2 love you and I’m so proud of you little. 🎊”

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Marielle Hadid, Anwar’s other half-sister also posted a picture of them together and wrote, “Happy Birthday to my brave, kind, talented and one n only brother and really sweet uncle. Wishing you all the joy and sending lots of love. @anwarspc I still think you’re the cutest.”

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On the occasion of Hadid’s special day, Dua Lipa organized a small house party for his boyfriend. She posted ten pictures on her Instagram sharing the moments with their friends at the party. She captions the post with a bunch of ten blue balloon emojis.

We wish Anwar Hadid a belated Happy 22nd Birthday.


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