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Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell receives 2-year probation for child endangerment

The star of the hit Nickelodeon show, Drake & Josh, has not been doing well these days. Drake Bell who played the main lead Drake Parker in the show has been accused of child endangerment. Let us see what this is all about.

Drake Bell was sentenced in Cleveland to two years probation on child endangerment charges related to a girl, who met him online and accused him of sexual contact after she attended his concert. The girl was only 15 years old when this happened, and she further revealed that Bell has been grooming her since she was 12.

Drake Bell

Bell was sentenced by Cuyahoga County Judge Timothy McCormick to serve two years probation and 200 hours of community service in California.

The hearing of the case began with the victim saying, “I chose to write this statement because I want justice to be served more than anything. The only time that the defendant has appeared in court in person was on June 3rd for his arraignment, which was before the media found out about this case.

He has appeared in court today over Zoom, instead of appearing in person. This doesn’t surprise me and shows what a coward he is. But I am not a coward and that is why I’m going to reveal all of the details of the crimes he committed against me.”

The victim went on to say that Bell assaulted her in October 2017, in Illinois at the middle of the night. She says, “He digitally penetrated me in the back seat of my aunt’s car while she was driving him to a friend’s house.”

Furthermore, the victim, who is now 19, also accused Bell of sending her graphic photos and engaging in sexual misconduct, which was all denied by Bell’s lawyer. She also said that his remarks made her uncomfortable, but felt trapped as she used to idolize him. She also said:
“I was definitely one of his biggest fans. Everyone who knew me as a child knew that he was a hero to me. I would have done anything for him.” She also slammed Drake’s wife Janet Von Schmeling for protecting Drake.

“The pain that the defendant has caused me is indescribable, and it worsens every day. Being used by somebody who meant the world to me has left me feeling more hurt than I have ever been before.” She added, “I’m now 19 and my life hasn’t been the same since I was 15. I think about these crimes every single day. I feel like I’m in a constant dark place. Sometimes I wish I could disappear so I can forget about what happened.”

She concluded her words saying, “Jared Drake Bell is a pedophile, and that is his legacy”.

In a brief statement, Bell accepts his crime and says, “Today I accept this plea because my conduct was wrong. I’m sorry that the victim was harmed in any way – that was obviously not my intention.” He continued saying, “I have taken this matter very, very seriously, and again I just want to apologize to her and anyone else who may have been affected by my actions.”

Ian Friedman, who is Drake Bell’s lawyer told NBC that his guilty plea and sentence “reflect conduct for which Mr. Bell did accept responsibility.” He says, “The victim’s allegations that went beyond that which all parties agreed, not only lack supporting evidence but are contradicted by the facts learned through extensive investigation. As the court made clear, his plea was never about sexual misconduct or sexual relations with any person, let alone a minor.”

Judge Timothy McCormick said to Bell, “The fact of the matter is your position and celebrity status let you nurture this relationship, you were able to gain access to this child.”

Last year in August, Bell was accused of dating and abusing musician Jimi Ono in her TikTok video. But Bell denied the abuse allegations and said their relationship ended and they “both called each other terrible names, as often happens when couples are breaking up.”

When asked to Josh Peck, Drake’s co-star in their show Drake & Josh, about his case, he responded saying, “It’s upsetting, and it’s an unfortunate situation. It’s disappointing.”

What do you think about Drake Bell being a pedophile? Do let us know your opinion regarding this serious issue.


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