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Cameron Boyce’s last movie to be released this fall | 2121

On July 6th, 2019, the 20 year old actor Cameron Boyce, tragically passed away due to epileptic seizure. The fans mourned his death, as he was one of the most beloved teen actors of the generation. Now, his final movie is all set to be released. So let’s get to it.

Before his death, Cameron has worked on a few projects which are set to be released in a couple of years. One of them is “Runt”, which is said to be his final movie. In Runt, he plays the character of Cal, a teenage boy who experiences troubling incidents that make him a cold and callous person. The principal photography of the movie started in 2018, before Boyce’s tragic death.

Runt premiered at the 2020 Mammoth Film Festival back in February 2020, where it won the Audience Award for Best Feature Film. It stars other actors like Nicole Elizabeth Berger, Jason Patric, Brianna Hildebrand, Tichina Arnold, Aramis Knight, Mitch Silpa, Seth Lee, Charlie Gillespie, Scott Peat, to name a few. The movie is directed by William Coakley and is produced by Carl Rumbaugh and Gregory Thomas. The film was distributed by 1091 Pictures.

Now, 1091 Pictures have officially acquired the North American distribution rights to the movie, and is all set to release in the fall of this year.

About the movie, Cameron’s parents Victor Boyce and Libby Boyce said, “This film is very important in the climate we live in today. Cameron was incredibly proud of this film, and we believe his powerful performance will resonate deeply with all his fans throughout the world.”

Also the producers of the movie adds, “We are grateful to be working with 1091 Pictures, which understands the relevance and power of this story. We have also partnered with The Cameron Boyce Foundation and its Wielding Peace initiative to promote peace instead of violence and spread awareness of the consequences of gun violence. We are excited to see this powerful and thrilling picture.”

The Cameron Boyce Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in Los Angeles, following Boyce’s death. It provides a platform to the young people to reduce gun violence and cure epilepsy, and bring positive change in the world.

Cameron Boyce is famously known for playing the character of Luke Ross in the very successful Disney Channel sitcom, Jessie. The show featured other actors like Debby Ryan, Peyton List, Skai Jackson, Karan Brar, etc. The show also has a spin-off series called Bunk’d, where Peyton List, Skai Jackson and Karan Brar continued their characters from Jessie, whereas Cameron made a cameo in just two episodes.

Boyce also rose to fame with Disney Channel Original Movie series, Descendants, where he played the character of Carlos, who is the son of Cruella de Vil, a famous villain from classic Disney movie, 101 Dalmatians. Descendants features other popular actors like Dove Cameron, Booboo Stewart, Sofia Carson, etc. He was last seen in the final and third installment of Descendants. He didn’t live to see the premier of Descendants 3.

Victor Boyce posted the Deadline headline on his Instagram saying, “Finally! Runt will be in theatres and streaming this fall. Release date coming soon.”


Cameron’s birthday was supposed to be on 28th May, but as he is no more, his friends did make a post for him on his birthday.

Dove Cameron, who played Mal in Descendants, posted few of her memories with Cameron and writes:

“You should be 22 today. I am wearing your old shirt, the one I think you slept in mostly. I wish it still smelled like you. I hope it still holds your DNA, some piece of you. I close my eyes when I imagine the same place that covered your collar bones and heart now cover mine.

I’m sitting in my hot car in the valley as I type this, the smell of Los Angeles concrete heart and traffic in the sun all around me. Everything feels intimately normal, in times like these, mundane even, i’m 17 again and you are 14 and we have just met. We will pass each other on our way to our respective sets in the morning, each morning, and we’ll share a mischievous twinkle about everything that lies ahead of us. I still have years to love you more than I would then, we still have years.

I will love you like this forever, stuck in time, always in the back of the vam with you. You still make me laugh like no one else. I have never been so sure that I can still feel the warmth of your cheek on mine, on my laughing lips as I fall over you, casual and clumsy Tuesday morning, you are my family, we are kids like this.

I’ll never understand and my head aches most days so I try to lay down the burden of making sense of it. But I hold your body in mine forever, everywhere I go, I hold you, I carry you lovingly, willingly. I am lucky for this. We are all better for it.”

Sofia Carson, who played Evie in the same movie, shared a video of Boyce and wrote:


“To the boy who changed our world, keep smiling. We love you Cam.”

Carson also collaborated with The Cameron Boyce Foundation and launched her own clothing line called “Sofia X TCBF”, and all the profit will be donated to the foundation.

His other co-star Booboo Stewart, who played Jay in the same movie, shared few of his videos and wrote:

“Happy birthday Cameronn, these videos are from a walk we took down the beach, we just talked, explored, skipped rocks, even saw an eagle perched on alog and snuck up pretty close before it flew off. In the first video he’s talking about a dancer he really admired, doing a performance. Love you man.”

He also posted a picture of him wearing a “Sofia X TCBF” t-shirt.


Skai Jackson also made a post for him saying, “Happy Birthday Cameron! Love, and miss you so much.”

Cameron’s best friend, Karan Brar, also made a post for him saying, “happy birthday cam. Miss you endlessly my friend.”

Sarah Jeffery, who played Audrey in Descendants also made a post for him, where she announced that she is on Cameo, and all the proceeds will go to The Cameron Boyce Foundation.

Are you excited to watch Cameron’s last movie, Runt? We really miss him and hope we can watch this movie to continue his legacy.


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