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Billboard of BTS’s Jungkook removed in Pakistan for promoting homosexuality

BTS is currently on the rise as the world’s biggest boy band right now. Starting in 2013, in South Korea, BTS started to go international around 2016, and soon became so popular around the world that they garnered millions of fans from different parts of the globe. But as they say, not everyone is your fan, there have been a lot of issues regarding BTS.

On the occasion of BTS Jungkook’s 24th birthday, the fans of BTS or better known as ARMY, trended his birthday so much on Twitter and celebrated it in various ways. For Jungkook’s birthday, some Pakistani ARMYs commissioned a billboard of the singer to be put at an intersection of Gujranwala city in Pakistan.

Just as the billboard was set, many fans took a picture of that billboard and shared it on their respective social media platforms. In that billboard, we see Jungkook standing in front of a yellow background, with huge text writing, “Happy 24th Birthday” and “Jungkook BTS Gujranwala ARMY”.

However, just a few hours after it was installed, it also caught the attention of local politicians. The provincial assembly candidate, Furqan Aziz Butt, who is also a member of the Islamist political party Jamaat-e-Islam, ordered the billboard to be taken down, after he received a lot of complaints from the people.

Butt tells VICE, “There was so much commotion. There are young people in this city. This group has a negative influence on them and encourages them to behave in wrong activities. They promote homosexuality.”

He further continues his statement saying, “Why was this put up here? They don’t have a brand name here nor do they sell products here. The people who put it up call themselves the ‘Gujranwala ARMY’. There’s only the Pakistan army here.”

Since this incident, it has brought a lot of disappointment to the Pakistani BTS fans, and also criticized the comments made by Furqan Aziz Butt. They took the issue to Twitter, where they trended hashtags like #PakBTSARMYsAreStrong and #PakistanLovesBTS.

The fans have also used these hashtags to make people aware about the charity events that have been organized in the past by Pakistani BTS ARMY to aid their local communities. In the past, they have helped and donated to several causes and organizations like hospitals, shelters and old age homes.

Currently, hardly anyone in this world recognizes how huge BTS actually is and how they have influenced the lives of millions of people through their messages in their songs. They also talk about self-love and self-acceptance, and they also spoke about this in the United Nations General Assembly, which is a huge thing.

BTS is also the record holder of 23 Guinness World Records and they made a place in the publication’s annual Hall of Fame. They also have got four number one songs in the US Billboard Hot 100. Recently their song “Mic Drop” reached one billion views on YouTube making them the first ever band to have four songs with over a billion views. They are “DNA”, “Dynamite”, “Boy With Luv” and “Mic Drop”.

A Twitter account @starsluvjk tweeted:

“The billboard in pakistan of jungkook for his 24th bday was just removed by force by a political party for ‘promoting homosexuality’ this makes me so sick. The girl who paid for the billboard has to pay for putting it up ???”

In a follow up tweet, the user writes:

“Locals are so pressed about bts because the amount of armys there is increasing rapidly every year and most girls don’t settle for the bare minimum in men anymore- they want what they deserve. It also makes me mad how they just assume men wearing makeup or being asean is gay.”

“The comments on the billboard were extremely racist and homophobic. This just shows how messed up peoples minds are. I just can’t with my own country’s people anymore. I’m so grateful I’m not living there, In pakistan you can’t even express any sense of style either.”

What do you think about local politicians taking down the billboard of BTS Jungkook in Pakistan? Do let us know your opinion regarding this?


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