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Bella Poarch Talks About Sexual Assault Experience In Her Song “Inferno”

Bella Poarch is a very popular TikTok star, who has got the biggest video on the platform. She went viral for the video where she was delivering cute expressions in the song “M to the B” by Millie B. Just a few months ago in May, Bella released her first song “Build A Bitch” which received widespread critical acclaim. Now she is back with a follow up song “Inferno” and here she talks about a much deeper issue.

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“Inferno” was released on 13th August and serves as her second single. For this song, she collaborated with “Cradles” singer Sub Urban, who helped her to direct her previous song “Build A Bitch”. Poarch really gave a women empowering message in her previous song, and this time she talks a lot about personal things.

In the music video for “Inferno”, we see two men enter the hotel and start drinking with Bella in the bar. Then, they mix some toxicant in the drink, and when Bella Poarch starts to get dizzy, those two men take her to the elevator with wrong intentions and take advantage of her. Sub Urban is seen as a bartender and is seen as a supporter of Bella.

Inside the elevator, Bella Poarch reveals her true self as a superhuman and starts to use her powers to take revenge on those two men. She electrocutes them, and then burns them, and then wash them with mud, and makes the bees attack them, and finally freezes them to death. She is helped by Sub Urban the whole time to take her revenge.

Since Bella Poarch is also a victim of abuse and has opened up how her stepfather used to abuse her in childhood, this song really means a lot to her. Under the music video on YouTube, she pins her comment saying:

“As a victim of sexual assault, this song and video mean a lot to me. This is something I haven’t been ready to share with you just yet. It’s very hard for me to talk about. But I’m ready now. I decided to express myself by creating a song and video with Sub Urban based on how I wished my experience went. It’s a fantasy I wish was true. I’m looking forward to sharing this with you all.”

Bella Poarch

Like in “Build A Bitch”, we saw a lot of cameo appearances of popular faces in “Inferno” too. The cameo appearances include TommyInnit, Ludwig, Disguised Toast, Adin Rose, Fuslie, Quarter Jade, Ivana Alawi, Staryuuki, Courage, Pokimane, Valkyrae, StarSmitten, LilyPichu, Yvonnie, TinaKitten and Bretman Rock. Valkyrae and Bretman Rock were also seen in “Build A Bitch”.

The word Inferno is Italian for hell, and the music video is inspired by Dante Alighieri’s 14th century epic poem Divine Comedy. Divine Comedy consists of three parts: Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise, which are considered very important texts in Italian literature and are the foundation of modern Italian language.

Dante’s “Inferno” talks about different sins in the eye of God like: limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, wrath, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery. The elevator in which Bella is carried by two men represents the elevator to hell, and the sinner has to face a lot of tortures for what they have done. According to Dante, the worst forms of torture are burning, being washed by dirty water, attacking of insects and freezing to death, which is all represented in the music video.

Under the music video on YouTube, Sub Urban comments saying:

“Bella, don’t be alarmed but your shoulder is literally on fire”

The lyrics of the song are quite powerful and empowering, and it goes like:

“No halo

Baby I’m the reason why hell’s so hot


Baby I’m the reason why bad’s so fun

Hell’s so hot”

Just as the song was released, it quickly trended on YouTube and currently holds over 13 Million views. It was also featured in Billboard and reached number 2 in Spotify pop playlist.

What do you think about Bella Poarch’s new song? Did you like it? Do let us know your opinion regarding it.

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