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Traumatic Childhood And Abuse Of Bella Poach That Will Shock You |2021

At this point, Bella Poarch is a very well known face in the world. Due to her popularity on TikTok, she became quite popular among the audience. But the bright moon always has a dark side, and Poarch revealed about her childhood in a recent interview. Let us get into it.

On 18th June, H3 Podcast featured Poarch as a guest, and here she was asked about her journey and her personal life. Some of the most shocking revelations took place in the podcast, which shocked everyone, even the hosts. Growing up, she faced a lot of trauma and abuse, and told her heartbreaking childhood in the Philippines.

Was Bella Poarch Adopted ?

Bella Poarch was raised in the Philippines and lived with her grandmother till the age of 3. Later, she was adopted by an American White man and Filipino woman. She has an adoptive brother and two adoptive elder sisters.

Bella Poarch was abused in he Childhood.

Bella says, “Actually the abuse didn’t start when they adopted me, like it was good for like up until I was six. And when I was seven, that’s when it started, when we got all the animals in the farm. Basically, before that my life was normal like I was still given good treatment like we would go to the mall and spend time like a family but I don’t know, everything started changing once we started getting like farm animals, once we started planting trees. I don’t know.”

bella poarch

When the host Ethan Klein asked her why all of a sudden things started changing, to which Poarch replies, “I felt like he was just waiting for that moment to like, buy a big land, build a big a house and have a farm, and I feel like he was just waiting for that moment.”

The 24 year old internet star, also said that her step dad wouldn’t come out of his room six days a week, and only during the weekend, he comes to check Bella and her brother, and they were made to cut grasses that were taller than her with a sickle. The step dad would sit in his air conditioned room, while the kids were made to work in the scorching heat with the temperature of over 90 degree fahrenheit.

Poarch’s step dad had to go through a bypass surgery when she was 13, and it was the only time she could have a little bit of fun. She was also allowed to watch TV, but not on the couch. She explains, “It was fun. I get to watch TV, I get to sit on the couch because I wasn’t allowed to sit on the couch. So me and my brother would be watching movies, and we would be sitting on the floor.” The host says that they were treated like second class, as her adoptive elder sisters were allowed to sit on the couch.

Furthermore, Poarch reveals that they weren’t allowed to speak their native language in the house, as her step dad only understands English, and they could only use the English language as he is an American living in the Philippines. Her step mother is Filipino and her step parents met in Saudi Arabia while her step dad was serving there.

Klein goes on to compare Poarch’s life with Cinderella, as even in the story she was treated like a servant by her step mother and step sisters.

Explaining about her life, Poarch goes on to say that her step dad had to move to America for his surgery, and he cannot go back. Because of this, Poarch and her brother moved to San Francisco at the age of 13, and lived with her aunt, who is her step mother’s cousin. After moving to the USA, the abuse started to decrease as her aunt won’t let her step father abuse her. Her two elder step sisters are still in the Philippines due to some age restrictions, and her step parents send them money from time to time.

After San Francisco, Poarch moved to Fresno, where she graduated from high school. At that time, she was just 16, and it was considered very young for an average American student, so other students used to ask her if she was a sophomore or freshman, but she is actually a senior.

Today, Bella Poarch is the fourth most followed individual on TikTok, and her video has the most number of likes on the platform. In May 2021, she released her first song called “Build A Bitch”, which met with positive reviews.

All the struggles and abuses that she faced as a child made her stronger. She says that she didn’t have a childhood, as it was filled with constant fear. Today, Poarch is one of the most popular faces in the world and an influencer with millions of followers. Her story really feels like Cinderella, where she was treated badly as a child and then a glass slipper fitted her and she became a princess.

What do you think about the struggles and trauma of Bella Poarch? Do let us know.


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