Popular TikTok Star Bella Poarch releases her new song |2021

Tiktok stars releasing a song is not a new thing now, whether it be Addison Rae, Dixie D’Amelio, Lil Huddy or Bryce Hall. Now, another name has been added and she is Bella Porach.

By now, we all know Bella Poarch as a very popular Tiktok star with over 67.4 Million followers.

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Also, she has the most liked video on Tiktok where she lip syncs and gives cute expressions along with the rhythm in the song “Spoh Aspin Send” by Millie B.

This video has over 49 Million likes to date. Poarch was born in the Philippines and when she was 13, her family moved to Texas, USA. She also served in the United States Navy and was stationed in Japan for many years.

After her success in Tiktok, she signed a music record deal with Warner Music and debuted her music career with the song “Build a Bitch” in May 2021.

She usually posts videos of her singing and playing ukulele on her Instagram, and fans do know that she is interested in music as well. In an Instagram post, she once said, “Music has always helped her get through anxiety, depression, and PTSD.”

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The song was released on 14th May 2021, and quickly it started trending on Youtube. Upon signing the deal with Warner Records, she says, “I feel like I found my family, and part of that family is the label. When I looked up some of the artists that meant the most to me musically like Prince, Dua Lipa, and Madonna, I realized Warner has helped all of those people along the way too.

So I’m very honored to have a family that gave me a chance and believes in me.” She further adds, “I’ve been singing and writing songs my whole life but to put together something special in this way and to have this opportunity, it’s something I’ll forever be grateful for. This is just the beginning.” She also says that her genre is going to be a dynamic and diverse brand of dark pop.

In the song, Bella calls out men who expect women to be a perfect Barbie Doll designed for them.  The music video is set in a dystopian factory called Match Made in Heaven, which is a parody of an American company called Build-A-Bear, that makes and sells stuffed toys, and shows a group of men waiting in line outside. 

The owner of that factory makes the girls as the men demand with their choices of hands, face, legs and other body parts. Bella is also a product of that factory, but she rebels against this system and kills the man who ordered her, and breaks the machines. Other product girls also riot and they burn down the whole factory, with them walking like zombies in the end.

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The line targets those men who aren’t perfect themself like Ken dolls, but still wants girls who look like Barbie dolls.

The music video is directed by Andrew Donoho and creatively directed by Sub Urban, who is known for his song Cradles.

Besides this, the music video has several cameos from popular celebrities such as Larray, ZHC, Valkyrae, Mia Khalifa, Dina, Sub Urban, Bretman Rock and Rakhim.

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As of 16th May, 2021, the music video has over 34 Million views on YouTube. Also, the song debuted at #147 on the Global Spotify Charts with 899k streams.

About the song released, she tweeted saying, “this song isnt just any song, it means the world to me. my whole life no one has ever believed in me. i just had to believe in myself. but now i have you guys. and i’m so grateful. more than you’ll ever know. and thats why i wanted to share it with you. thanks for believing in me.”

So, what do you think about Bella Poarch new song? Do let us know.


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