Argentina takes home the title of Copa America 2021 for the 15th time

It’s a celebration time for the football fans of Argentina, as the country took home it’s 15th Copa America title, beating the neighboring country Brazil, on Sunday. Let us get into it.

Argentina and Brazil, both reached the final after defeating Peru and Colombia respectively, and fans were very excited to see two football giants compete with each other, especially the battle between Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi and the Brazilian star Neymar Jr.

Upon reaching the final and having a match with his former Barcelona friend, Neymar said, “Messi is, as I’ve always said, the best player I’ve ever seen play and he’s a great friend, but now we’re in a final, we’re rivals. I want to win and I really want to win this title, which would be my first Copa America.” Continuing his words, “Messi has been looking for his first title with the national team for many years, and everytime we (Brazil) are not present at the tournament, I cheer for him.”

He further jokingly says, “Now Brazil is in dispute, so our friendship is on the line. The respect between us is still great but only one can win

The first and only goal of the match was scored by Angel Di Maria in the 22nd minute for Argentina. Brazil too scored a goal in the first half but was considered an offside. Just as the first goal took place, fans started celebrating and hoped for their respective teams to win.

Argentina vs brazil score

Let us discuss some highlights from the match

Vinicius Junior won a free kick for Brazil from a dangerous area towards the side, while Barbosa’s half-volley got saved by the Argentine goalkeeper. After Barbosa’s close range chance, Brazil won a corner but Danilo sent Neymar’s serve well over the crossbar

In the 81th minute, Argentine player Nicolas Otamendi got a yellow card for a vicious tackle against Neymar Jr. Neymar’s shorts also got ripped in the first half, which angered and created the tension between the two teams.

Looking at the situation, Brazil made a double substitution replacing Renan Lodi and Lucas Pacqueta, with Emerson and Gabriel Barbosa.

Pacqueta also got a yellow card for a late tackle, while Lodi also got one before they were replaced.

Argentina and Brazil, both received a free kick during the initial minutes, but it got wasted as they couldn’t manage to hit the target.

Angel Di Maria also got injured on his ankles near the goal line, and the Argentina team continued with only ten players. However, Di Maria returned after two minutes and continued the game.

In the 65th minute, Lionel Messi already got his ball under his feet, and was up for a good strike, but was blocked by the Brazilian goalkeeper.

We saw a lot of yellow cards in the match this time, with someone getting it every few minutes for bringing down someone, especially Neymar Jr, who fell down many times

Even after the extra five minutes time was added, it proved to be worthless for Brazil as Argentina won the match and took home the title for the fifteenth time.

Argentine players were seen enjoying their victory, while Lionel Messi was seen face-time with his family showing them the medal that he won. He was lifted in the air by the team and the whole team put on the jersey that read “Campeones De America 2021”, which means “Champions of America 2021”. 

Lionel Messi was also titled the Man of the Match, and he has also been the highest goal scorer this season along with Luis Diaz from Colombia, with each scoring 4 goals for their respective country.

The Brazilian team got very emotional with their defeat and were seen crying and comforting each other. Later, Neymar Jr went to give a hug to Lionel Messi, which became a huge highlight for the match.

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The Argentine players took their happiness to their social media, telling how much it meant for them.

Angel Di Maria, who scored the only goal in the match wrote:

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“The day has come. The day I longed for so much with my soul, came. CHAMPIONS. Full of happiness. Proud of this group. To death with this bunch. Let’s go Argentina, Let’s go National Team”.

He also shared an appreciation post for Lionel Messi, writing:

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“It was this friend. You deserved it more than anyone. You are the best in the world. You were before this final and you are now after being a champion. @leomessi”.

While Lionel Messi also shared his happiness with a picture of him holding the trophy in the changing room, writing:

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“What a beautiful madness!!! Thank you God for this is amazing!!! WE ARE CHAMPIONS THE SHELL OF OUR MOTHER!!!!!! Go fuck it!!!!!!”

He also shared a picture with the team’s goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez and writes:

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“Congrats beast!!! More than deserved!!! You are crack”.

Paula Dybala, who didn’t play for the game this time due to his injuries, also shared his happiness for the National Team, writing:

“The joy I feel for this group is amazing, their happiness is mine. An award to all that worked and gave for this country. Congratulations team, enjoy and celebrate. You deserved this more than anyone else”.

Brazil, was the former winner of the tournament in 2019, while Argentina finished in the third place. After this final of Copa America, the football fans are all set to gear up for the final of Euro Cup 2020, where England and Italy are playing against each other.

What do you think about Argentina’s victory? Which team did you support? Do let us know.


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