5 Accessories for men to look stylish

5 Accessories for men to look stylish

In today’s world, fashion and style has become an essence to level up your personality. The world of fashion is constantly evolving with new trends coming everyday, and how the industry has changed in the past few decades. People who wear good outfits, and are comfortable in them, tend to look more attractive and many people get attracted towards them.

However, fashion is not only limited to clothes and shoes, but it goes beyond them. One of the main essence of fashion is the accessories. Now, if we talk about accessories, you may feel that it is mostly focused on women. But in the context of today’s fashion world, there are a lot of accessories for men too, and they are as important as your wallet and car keys if you want to upgrade your style.

So without further ado, let us take a look at five accessories for men to look stylish.

1. Sunglasses:

Sunglasses are very stylish, and most of the time they are regarded as the symbol of class and wealth. In most of the movies and TV shows, you must have noticed how only the rich and wealthy people are shown wearing them, and it gives them an elegant look.

They can not only be worn on bright sunny days to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and blue lights, but you can also wear them to some formal or informal events where you feel like spreading your charm.

Be sure to choose a perfect sunglass according to the shape of your face and something that will match your outfit.

2. Watch:

Have you ever noticed that people who wear watches look more stylish than the people who have got an empty wrist? Wearing watches gives you a different kind of personality, and it makes you look attractive and classy. The purpose of wearing a watch is not only limited to see the time, but it enhances the look of your outfit. Sometimes, people also come to you just to ask for the time, which may be the start of a fresh new conversation.

The design of watches arrive in a lot of variety, size and styles. You can choose anything from so many different choices that will perfectly match your personality. There are formal, casual, sports and so on. So go for it guys.

3 . Bracelet:

Now I know, you must be feeling that bracelets are too feminine as you mostly see women wearing them, and if boys wear them then they can look like gangsters. But not every bracelet tends to be feminine and too edgy, but there are so many designs for bracelets that will make you look stylish. The bracelets add charm to your wrist like the watches. It makes your forearm look good and if you choose the right design, then people will definitely notice it. You can still wear them even if you are wearing the watch.

Bracelets also come in different designs that are made up of different materials such as metal, leather, beads, thread, fabric, etc. The best thing about bracelets is that they can not only be paired with one type of clothing but they can be paired with any clothing style such as both formal or casual.

4. Necklace:

Yes, now again you may feel it’s too feminine to wear necklaces, but don’t worry boys, the fashion industry has evolved so much that there are a lot of necklaces or lockets that are especially made for men. Necklaces are mostly worn in casual outfits as it makes your outfit look cool and dashing. They can also be paired with street style which gives you a masculine look.

However, you must be very careful while choosing the right necklace. Try to go for lockets with thin chains, and don’t wear too bulky ones as it will make you look like gangsters. Also keep the size of the main thing average or small, and not too big. If you want to experiment, you can also go with pearls like the one that Harry Styles wears. So, there are a lot of choices for the necklaces too. 

5. Hat/Cap:

You may think that wearing a hat or cap is too “teenager” or “kid” type of thing, but don’t forget the fact that caps are always in trend. Although the design of the caps and hats has been the same since the beginning of the times, it comes with a variety of patterns, so you can choose them among many. They also protect you from direct sunlight and are very much useful while playing cricket, golf, baseball or any other games like this.

Be sure to choose the cap according to the size of your head. It should not be too big nor too small. If you are too lazy to style your hair, then the caps can be your lifesaver.

Don’t stick to the fashion that existed a long time ago, and try to go with the flow. Experiment new things and try to find your style in this modern era. So go for it boys, own as much accessories as you can, and style them according to your outfits.

What accessories are your favourite? Do let us know.


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    Only branded clothes, whether they are good trousers, casual shirts will make you look good but accessorizing them with a good amount of accessories will surely make any formal or casual look more stylish.

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