5 Signs that your date is a right person

5 Signs that you are dating a right person

A romantic relationship is something that is an integral part of our life, and if that relationship is with the right person then things go very easy for us in our life. A supportive life partner, a healthy relationship status, and a fun loving family is all that we crave in our life.

However, if we take a look at the present situation of the world regarding relationships, then it is so crystal clear that many people are not getting a good life partner or someone that they want. A lot of relationships are either failing, or sex has been easy to get these days, that a long term relationship is getting invalid currently


But you can always find a good life partner and you can spot them if you spend a lot of quality time together. You can talk to each other and you can get to know a lot about each other such as interests, disinterests, likes, dislikes, etc which will help you to enhance your relationship further.

So how can you spot who is right for you? Is the person that you are dating a good match for you? Are you just running for a timepass or a good long term relationship? Today we will find out those qualities that will make it easy for you to understand if you are dating the right person or not. We bring you five different signs that you are dating the right person. So let us start:

1. Time goes really fast:

Have you noticed that whenever you are in a boring environment such as maths class or your principal’s speech, the time goes at the rate of a sloth? But wherever you are at a fun place doing something fun or interesting such as playing a game or watching your favorite TV series, the time goes really fast.

Same with the relationship. Whenever you and your partner are together, time is not a boundary for you as you both can talk for hours and hours without the talks ever ending. You will not even realize how fast 6-7 hours have passed by, but still there is an urge to continue your talk overnight. This is a very healthy sign of communication between you two.

2. They listen to your every words:

As we mentioned above, nobody listens to each and every word said by the principal during the speech. But if you are genuinely interested in something, then you will have a tendency to listen to each and every word carefully. For example, if you are listening to an interesting story, then you will definitely want to learn every word.

The relationship also works like that. If your partner really likes you and cares for you, then they will take each and every word that you have said and will remember it. Whether it be a very good or an embarrassing moment that you shared with them, they will remember. Or it can be your favorite color, food, flower, outfit, movie, series, or anything that you share with them, they will remember it and will bring it out when the time comes. So if your partner values your words, then go for it.

3. You feel comfortable being natural:

Imagine trying to impress somebody by being so fake that you start to create a completely irrelevant personality of yours. Whether it be your fake dressing sense, or your fake accent, everything sounds corny and unnecessary when you are trying to be someone that you are not.

But if you are with the right person, then you can have 100% freedom being your true self. It can be the way you dress, or way you eat or even the way you sit and sleep, everything becomes natural. If you are very comfortable with your partner, you can even fart or scratch your butt in front of them. You won’t feel ashamed of anything, as your partner understands you naturally. So if the comfort is there between you both, then definitely take a shot

4. They don’t use their phone:

Phones have played such a major role these days that it can even make a relationship while it can also shatter down the relationship. The small device that we can carry in our pocket is one of the greatest ever inventions of humankind and it has been doing both good and bad for our life. Whenever you are in a boring situation, you take out your phone and start swiping down the social media or play music to keep you entertained, right?

Relationships also work like that. If the chemistry between you both are good and that keeps you both entertained and happy, then the phone definitely is not a problem. While you are with a right partner, even though you run out of things to talk about, they will definitely not take out their phone and start to swipe it when you are sitting in front of them. They will bring out something else to talk about, and even if they take out their phone, then it will be to show you something like a picture or a video. Like this, you can say who is the right one for you.

5. It makes you smile when you go back home:

Imagine you watched a very beautiful movie like Call Me By Your Name or La La Land. Even after you come out of the theatre and go home, you will still remember that movie. You will smile remembering that beautiful and passionate kiss of Elio and Oliver, or the scene where Mia and Sebastian tap dances on a beautiful night. These are the moments so gold that you will never want to forget them.

After the date is complete and you both head back to your own place, if you still remember every second that you both spent in the couple of hours will keep you smiling all the way back home. Such a beautiful feeling it is to spend quality time with someone you feel so comfortable with, and what a sad feeling knowing that you have to go back to your place, but still you carry a part of them with you forever and that will automatically bring a big curve on your face. That is love and if you start to love them, then it will make you smile every time you think of them.

So these are the five signs that your date is the right person. So check out if your partner possesses these qualities or not, and if yes then go for it and take a hit.

What do you think about these dating signs? Do let us know your opinion regarding this.


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