100 Years of Men's Fashion

100 Years of Men’s Fashion Trends

Fashion keeps on evolving with time, as people like to experiment new things and they start changing the way they are dressing. Today, we will see how it has evolved in the past 100 years.

If we talk about the ancient days, fashion didn’t play much part in people’s life, and we can see them just wrapping a shawl around their body. As the time moved on, people started to design clothes slowly, and it has evolved heavily from heavy leather to light nylon.

So let us see how men used to dress 100 years ago, and how they dress now.


fasion 1921

It was the time when suits were very trending, and men used to wear mainly three piece suits. Also, the bow ties and French hats became quite popular during that time. If you wanna see this look, you should watch the British series Peaky Blinders, and you will get a clear vision of how fashion was in the 20s.


fasion 1931

At this time, clothes started to get a bit baggy, big oversize pants, and some differently buttoned up coats. White shoes, which are equivalent to white oxfords these days, were very popular during that time. Also, the French hats were replaced by round hats.


fashion 1941

It was during this time, when the bow ties were replaced by long ties, which we wear now. The outfit became more formal with this look, and men used to look like some mafia boss from Hollywood movies. But one thing that remained quite constant during all these years, is a hat.


fashion 1951

Around the 50s, the sleeveless sweaters became quite popular, which is now like a school uniform. Men were seen rocking these sweaters on the shirt, and wearing oversized pants, which were still in fashion. Also, smoking started to look very classy during this time, and the hats evolved to cowboy hats.


fashion 1961

Clothes started to look very casual, and as it was time colors started to get very popular. The main outfit during that time was colorful shirts and pants, topped with a scarf hanging from the neck. Also the fashion transitioned from formal to street wear at this time.


fashion 1971

Since most of the previous outfits were kind of loose and baggy, it was during this time when clothes started to get tighter for men, and their physique was highly exposed even with the clothes one. The spectacles were also considered very fashionable during this time.


fashion 1981

Hollywood has played a major part in fashion, and it was this time when curly hairstyles started to trend. Men use to wear colorful shirts with open buttons so that they can show their chest hair. Sunglasses started to get popular at this time, and so was a certain style of moustache.


fashion 1991

The outfits started to get more cool and casual. Also, the sunglasses completely got dark at this time, and all thanks to the band Nirvana, who introduced the men to a different style. Also, other things like cardigans and beanies slowly started to take a rise.


fashion 2001

If you have ever watched the TV sitcom Friends, you will know how fashion was during that time. It was exactly like what Chandler and Ross from the show used to wear. While Joey’s style was mostly inspired from the 60s, the outfits in that show perfectly highlights the fashion at that time. Also, the colors of sunglasses started to change from black to other colorful colors.

2011: Fashion

fashion 2011

Finally, we are close to our generation and the outfits started to become completely casual. The formals were usually worn only on special occasions, and the outfits started to get comfortable too. The jeans started trending and every other guy is seen wearing them, and a variety of shirts and t-shirts started being available, as the fashion industry has taken a major rise during this time.


Boys started to wear colors that were typically meant for girls, but as gender equality has started, boys are seen wearing mostly those kinds of colors. Also, thanks to some celebrities because of whom the hoodies have started to trend, and they became more popular due to TikTok. Sweatpants have become more popular at this time and the oversized clothes are back in fashion. Nowadays, this kind of fashion is called soft boy fashion.

We don’t know how the fashion is going to evolve in the future. Well, we kind of hope that it doesn’t turn out to be robotic and completely aluminium.

Which was your favorite era of men’s fashion? Do let us know which one you liked the most.


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