10 Inappropriate Jokes in Spongebob Squarepants

10 Inappropriate Cheerful Jokes in Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants is one of the most legendary animated shows that has ever been made. It has been running for the past 22 years in Nickelodeon, and the only show that is keeping the network alive. Although it was a kid’s show and we as kids used to watch it a lot, there were many inappropriate adult jokes in the show. We were too young to understand it, but growing up and revisiting it, we could figure out a lot of things.

So let us see 10 inappropriate jokes in Spongebob Squarepants:

10. Spongebob watching sponge porn:

Episode: You Shoe’s Untied

Spongebob Squarepants

In this short scene, Spongebob is seen watching sea anemone dancing on TV and starts getting excited. He even goes closer to the TV, but just at the moment, his pet snail Gary comes into the living room. Spongebob gasps and quickly changes to the sports channel. Although it was not mentioned what he was watching, as an adult it was very clear that he was watching porn.

9. Patrick strips down naked:

Episode: That’s No Lady

Patrick strips down naked

Patrick meets a salesman and mistakes him for an assassin, and goes to take help from Spongebob to avoid getting kicked out from Bikini Bottom. Spongebob disguises Patrick as Patricia, and soon the whole Bikini Bottom goes crazy for Patricia and starts fighting.

In the end, Spongebob finds out that the fish Patrick met is not an assassin and just a salesman advertising a luxury hotel. Finally, Patrick is relieved and he rips off his Patricia outfit in front of everyone, and we viewers get a complete shot of Patrick’s thick ass.

8. Patrick licking Spongebob’s feet:

Episode: The Fry Cook Games

Patrick licking Spongebob’s feet:

Spongebob and Patrick get into a feud regarding a Fry Cook Game. Plankton supports Patrick while Mr. Krabs supports Spongebob, and they both get into a fight. They take off their robes and reveal their muscular body. Things start to heat up, and it gets personal, and at this moment, Patrick takes off Spongebob’s shoes and starts licking his foot.

While Spongebob fights back and rubs Patrick’s name and makes it Rick. This further angers Patrick and while they both continue fighting, their boxers fall down revealing their underwear. Patrick is wearing yellow underwear and Spongebob is wearing pink, which is each other’s body color, and they reconcile.

7. Mr. Krabs makes an offer to everyone to touch handsome Squidward:

Mr. Krabs makes an offer to everyone to touch handsome Squidward:

Squidward gets into an accident after being hit by the door, and Spongebob rushes him to the hospital. After two weeks, when Spongebob goes to see Squidward in the hospital, his bandages are taken off, and Squidward’s face turns very handsome. The whole Bikini Bottom is thrilled with Squidward’s good looks and they create a crowd outside Krusty Krabs.

Seeing an opportunity to earn more money, Mr. Krabs tells every citizen of Bikini Bottom that they can pay to touch Squidward. Squidward’s face turns even more handsome after being hit by the door once again, but soon he is transformed back to his original form.

6. Patrick’s tongue licks Plankton’s butt:

Episode: Salsa Imbecilicus

Patrick’s tongue licks Plankton’s butt:

Plankton again fails to steal the recipe of Krabby Patty, and Sandy tells him that Mr. Krabs should be dumb like Patrick to give him the recipe. Plankton gets an idea that to make Mr. Krabs dumb like Patrick, he must get into Patrick’s mouth to take his saliva.

But Patrick’s tongue starts fighting with Plankton, and he starts beating the tongue with his cotton swab. However, the tongue turns him around and licks his butt, which makes him scream as he is grossed out. Patrick then burps and Plankton gets out of his mouth.

5. Mr. Krabs washing his boat while twerking:

Episode: Burst Your Bubble


In this episode, Spongebob gets hopeless of getting his driver’s license as Mrs. Puff yells at him for crashing his boat. As Spongebob sadly walks through the streets of Bikini Bottom, he sees Larry, Mr. Krabs and Patrick all have their own boat, which further sparks his sadness.

We see Mr. Krabs was washing his boat wearing tight jeans and white vest, listening to music. His tight jeans reveal his butt cheeks and he also rubs his butt against the boat to clean it. Then, he pours the water on him like some sexy shirtless guy washing the car. Spongebob gets sad seeing that and runs away crying.

4. Scooter inserts coin in Mystery’s butt hole:

Episode: My Pretty Seahorse

Spongebob gets a new pet seahorse and names him Mystery. As he works in Krusty Krabs, he ties Mystery outside the restaurant. While Mystery was outside, Wobbles and Scooter find him and mistake him for a kiddy ride.

Wobbles tell Scooter to try it, and he takes out a coin but is not able to find the coin slot. Off-camera, we see that Scooter actually inserted the coin in Mystery’s butthole, and he screams and kicks Scooter while Wobbles runs away from there.

3. Spongebob gets inside Squidward’s mouth:

Episode: Squidtastic Voyage

After Spongebob and Patrick annoy Squidward with the loud music, he decides to play his clarinet in a squeaky tune. After this, Spongebob and Patrick come to Squidward’s house, but hit him accidentally and the clarinet gets stuck in his throat producing weird noises.

To help take out the clarinet, Spongebob opens Squidward’s mouth wide open and gets inside him, producing even more weird noises. While Sally and Monroe Timmy are passing by Squidward’s house, they hear that noise. So Sally puts her fins on Monroe Timmy’s ears so that he doesn’t hear anything, and quietly walks past them.

2. Pearl moans “More daddy, more”:

Episode: Growth Spout

Pearl moans “More daddy, more”:

Pearl is suffering from a growth spurt and she needs to be fed more food. But she eats up all the food from the refrigerator and when she says that she will eat Mr. Krabs dollars, he goes to find more food for her.

He sees Patrick with a bowl of cereal and steals it and gives it to Pearl. But that is not enough and she says, “More Daddy, more” in a moaning voice in extreme pain.

1. Johnny Depp’s commercial as a guest star:

Episode: Spongebob Squarepants vs The Big One

Johnny Depp’s commercial as a guest star:

In this episode, the Hollywood actor Johnny Depp’s guest stars in the show, But the main joke was in the commercial. The narrator says, “Get ready for something big, really big, really really big.” While he was saying this, Johnny Depp’s character of Jack Kahuna Laguna takes out his surfing board slowly from his hut.

Then, he is introduced as a really muscular and handsome fish who can surf in the high waves with his very long surfing board. At the end, Patrick glares at him and says, “I kinda like staring at him.”

All of these jokes were hilarious as adults, but kids will find it somehow hard to understand it. Not only this, but the show has a lot of other adult jokes too, which we will cover in the later articles.

Which one do you think was the most inappropriate joke in the show? Do let us know


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